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Problem 1-1 compose answers for difficulties 8-29 on web page 23 and 24 the the textbook. Fill in the blank 8. Computer systems can do numerous different jobs since they deserve to be programmed. 9. The project of the CPU is come fetch instructions, bring out the operations commanded by the instructions, and also produce some outcome or result information. 10. Internally, the CPU consists of the arithmetic logic Unit and also the control Unit. 11. A (n) disc is an instance of a second storage device. 12. The two basic categories of software program are operation systems and application software. 13. The regimen is a set of instructions. 14. Because computers can not be programmed in herbal human language, algorithms should be created in a (n) programming language. 15. Device language is the only language computers really process. 16. High-level languages are close come the level of people in terms of readability. 17. Low-level languages space close to the level that the computer. 18. A program’s capacity to run on number of different types of computer system systems is referred to as portability. 19. Native that have actually special meaning in a programming language room called vital words. 20. Indigenous or names identified by the programmers are referred to as programmer-defined symbols. 21. Operator are personalities or icons that perform operations in one or much more operands. 22. Punctuation personalities or symbols mark the start or finishing of programming statements, or separate items in a list. 23. The rules the mush be complied with when creating a program are referred to as syntax. 24. A (n) variable is a named storage location. 25. A variable need to be defined prior to it deserve to be provided in a program. 26. The three primary tasks of a routine are input, processing, and also output. 27. Input is details a regime gathers from the outside world. 28. Calculation is information a regimen sends to the exterior world. 29. A (n) power structure chart is a diagram that graphically illustrates the structure of a program.Problem 1-2 attract a power structure chart for problem 31 on web page 24 that the textbook. Power structure Chart: calculate a retail saleCalculate and also display acquire Input.Read sleeve price.Read taxation rate.sales tax.Multiply retail price by taxes rate. Store result in tax.Display tax.Calculate and also display sales tax.Add taxation to retail price. Store result in total.Display total.Problem 1-3 find the error for trouble 36 on web page 26 and also rewrite the pseudocode. The error is the the routine performs its mathematics operation prior to the user has gotten in values for the change length and width.Problem 1-4 create an algorithm to calculate the adjust remaining from a dollar after a acquisition is made. Assume that the price of the goods purchased is less than a dollar. The adjust is received need to consist that the smallest variety of coins possible.a. Step 1: main point the purchase amount by 100. Action 2: Subtract the result in 1 native 100.

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Contact this amount CHANGE. Step 3: If readjust >=50 then action 3a: Subtract 50 from adjust Step 3b: write down “One half dollar” step 4: If readjust >=25 then step 4a: Subtract 25 from adjust Step 4b: compose down “ One quarter” action 5: If readjust >=10 then action 5a: Subtract 10 from change Step 5b: compose down “One dime” action 6: Repeat step 5 when Step 7: If change >=5 then action 7a: Subtract 5 from change Step 7b: compose down “One nickel” step 8: If readjust >=1 then the variety of pennies equates to the value of CHANGE