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Most guys absolutely love it when a girl sends out them picture of herself, specifically if the photos room a little frisky. However, not every girl is comfortable or brave enough to send naked photos to a guy.

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So what can you carry out to persuade a girl you space seeing to be a little more open-minded when it involves sharing her dirty photos?

Every girl is different and while part girls could be okay or even enjoy sending their nudes others might be completely disgusted by the idea of sending out naked image of themselves to a guy.

That’s why that is essential to understand why part women enjoy sending image of us to guys while rather don’t.

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How to obtain a Girl to Send You images of Herself?

Top 10 factors Why part Women like To Send Nudes

It makes her feel powerful and desirableShe enjoys the compliments and attention she getsShe does that to tempt a guyShe likes to arouse a guyShe wants a male to send a nude picture backShe is bored and also wants some funShe desires to feel an ext desirableShe desires to spice things upShe wants to surprised himShe is comfortable with her body

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Why part Girls Don’t want to Send naked Photos?

Now let’s take it a look at why part girls are unwilling come send dirty image of themselves to a guy.

The number one reason why plenty of women are afraid of sending out nudes is the fear that their naked photos will finish up ~ above the net or you will share them with someone else.

Even if you are not the type of man that shares intimate photos of girls with various other guys, there is quiet a possibility that she photos might end up being public. Her phone could get hacked, steal or friend by mistake might upload the photos.

You likewise need to store in mind that in most situations a girl that is ready to send intimate photos currently had a couple of partners and is sexually confident and also open.

If however, you room dating a girl that is shy and also never had a boyfriend it is unlikely the she will be ready to send you her intimate photos.


However, if the girl doesn’t want to send you she photos best now, she might readjust her mind later when she gets an ext comfortable through you.

There are additionally girls that space shy of their bodies and also will just send you photos after they space sure the you will not judge them.

How to acquire a Girl come Send You pictures of Herself?

1. Do Her feeling Comfortable

The girl demands to feel comfortable about you prior to she will certainly send you any of she pictures.

Persuading her girlfriend come send you photos will be much easier than a girl you simply met online.

When a girl sends you nudes, it means that she wants to sleep through you. In most cases, girls send nudes just after they already slept with a guy.

If you simply met and also your chemistry is not solid enough it is probably not a good time come ask for she pictures.

2. Take her Time

If you want a girl to send you a more risque picture like for instance her in a bra, you very first need to do her comfortable sending consistent non-sexual photos.

Never directly ask because that nudes because this will be a turn-off for most girls.

Instead, to speak something like:

“Hey, send me her selfie I already miss you”

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3. Compliment Her

After she sends out you a picture of it s her make certain to compliment her.

“Your body is so perfect”“You room so in shape”“You room so pretty”

This will make she feel much more comfortable and she will certainly be much less shy to send more intimate picture later.

4. Pat Dirty games With Her

One method to obtain a girl to send you her sexy image is to play a game and ask because that the photograph if she losses.

Here are some concepts of the gamings you deserve to play:

Truth or dare – “Did you ever sexted everyone before?” or “Send me a photograph of your bra” would you rather? – “Would you fairly send a naked picture of yourself to a man you just met online or her neighbor?”Never have actually I ever – “Never have I ever before took a nude picture of myself”

5. Acquire Her in a Mood

It is much much easier to obtain a girl come send you her photos if she feeling turned on. One means to carry out this is to talk dirty come her.

10 examples of just how to speak Dirty to a Girl

You looked for this reason tasty last nightWhat room you wearing ideal now?What shade is her bra?Your lips taste for this reason goodI miss out on touching you all over your bodyI great you were lying right here next come meThe things I want to perform to you best now…I had a juicy dream around you critical nightI heard you’ve been a negative girl who requirements some spankingJust thinking around you provides me therefore …

Example of how to rotate a girl on over text


You: I had actually a juicy dream about you critical night

Girl: What was it about? lol


You: I was taking a shower and then unexpectedly you came in

Girl: Sounds interesting

You: After the you took every your clothing off and then we began making the end

Girl: I don’t understand why yet this beginning to turn me on…

You: Well, making the end wasn’t the just thing that we did…

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6. Wait because that the best Timing

It is no a good idea come ask a girl who is currently at job-related to send girlfriend dirty photos. Instead, wait because that the time as soon as she is alone and preferably not wearing much clothing.

For example, if she pointed out that she is lie in a bathtub, on a bed, or make the efforts to uncover the best dress come wear, that’s the moment to ask she for a picture.

She is currently basically naked so it will be less complicated for she to to speak yes and also send friend something an ext risque.

Usually texting her so late at night once she is lie in bed is the ideal time come ask she for some warm photos.


7. Ask for Something an ext Intimate

After she sends out you a completely clothed picture of herself you can try asking for something riskier.

“Can I watch it indigenous behind?”“I miss out on your booty/boobs for this reason much can I watch it?”“Can I view the rest of your body?”“Can i see just how flexible you are”“Can I check out what color is her bra?” “You room so beautiful! can I see how you watch without your shirt?”

If she is hesitating, phone call her the she doesn’t have to display her face. This means she doesn’t have actually to problem that friend might try to blackmail her with the intimate photos she mutual with you.

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8. Tell her You room Going come Delete the Photos appropriate Away

Even celebrities acquire their intimate photos leaked online and also to make your girl feeling a small easier around sharing her intimate photos, tell her the you will delete them ideal away.

Make sure that you keep your promise!

9. Ask she to Send a photo Over Snapchat

This means she will be an ext comfortable since she knows the the photograph will be deleted and she can also see if you try to take it a screenshot.

10. It is in the One Who sends the an initial Photo

You can shot sending your photo to her an initial and see just how she reacts. However, protect against sending completely nude photos.

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How come Respond once a Girl sends out You a Dirty Picture?

It is essential to allow a girl know that girlfriend really took pleasure in the photograph that she sent out you.

Here are some instances of exactly how to do it:


“I will have non-PG desires after seeing this”“How to be I an alleged to sleep ~ this?”“You look therefore tasty/delicious”“wow girlfriend look choose a painting”“Look what friend did come me” (send your own photo to her)“I should see this in person asap”“Now I want to do negative things to you”“Looks like you space pretty flexible”

Another fun way to respond is come send her an emoji.

How to Respond as soon as a Girl Doesn’t desire to Send You she Photos?

Some girls are okay with sending their nudes when others space not. You must play that cool and also be mature about it.

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Here are instances of just how you can respond:

“I didn’t average your nude photos lol”“I just wanted a picture of her face”“Sorry about it, I simply really miss out on you”“I assumed it is something we could shot to have actually fun while we are not together”

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