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Harvest Moon: back To Nature Cheats because that PlayStation

duplicated Dog Balls acquire the dog ball from Won, litter it to her dog and run after ~ it. If you choose it up at the exact same time as the dog, the dog choose up one and also so carry out you. You have the right to duplicate as numerous as you want.

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Contributed by: vanillagigglez

success the equine Race picture

If you have the right to win the steed race because that years 2 and also 3, you will be awarded a picture of you and your steed that goes above the bookshelf.

Contributed by: Clynerr

Level Up your Axe, Hammer, Sickle and also Hoe to your maximum on the first day

On the 2nd of Spring, the very first day you space able come play after the opening sequence. You have the right to remove any item from her Toolbox and use that an unlimited number of times. Due to the fact that the scene v the mayor is vital one, you are unable to faint from exhaustion. It does take it a little while come level them all up. However can be worth it in the lengthy run due to the fact that it will permit you to take advantage of smashing huge rocks, and also breaking increase tree stumps earlier in the game. This will work as lengthy as you perform not go external after you very first wake up.

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Contributed by: honorchaos

Fishing Pole

Fish 50 fishes and put them in her pond. The next day Greg will drop by and he"ll give you a Fishing Pole, a far better rod for fishing.

Unlockable Unlockable have 50 fishes in your pond
Fishing Pole

Contributed by: MegaFun

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