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A widespread misconception among students is that, as soon as separating, you always put the bigger number initially. When this principle “sticks”, it is extremely tough to unperform later when students learn that you can, in fact, divide a smaller sized number by a larger one. Some examples that young students have the right to understand are having 2 pounds of dog food that has to be break-up among the 6 dogs in the pet shop, or 4 candy bars that have to be separation among 10 youngsters. Working on equal sharing situations favor this helps students construct the number feeling to inevitably manage operations via fractions.

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One way to protect against the misconception of placing the larger number initially is to emphasis rather on the parts of an equal sharing trouble. These problems involve 3 countable quantities: the number of teams, the dimension of each team, and the entirety. Have students version and resolve the 3 problems below:

1) Eva has actually 3 plates. She puts 5 cookies on each plate. How many cookies does Eva have?

 2) Eva has actually 15 cookies. She desires to put 5 cookies on each plate. How many plates will Eva need?

 3) Eva has actually 15 cookies. She wants to put the exact same number of cookies on 3 plates. How many kind of cookies can Eva put on each plate?

Have the students compare the three problems, noting what is different around each case. Focus on what the numbers reexisting, on which amounts are well-known and which are unknown. Develop the idea that an unrecognized totality calls for multiplication, while an unknown number of groups or dimension of team calls for division of the entirety by either the dimension of the team or the number of groups. Emphasize that it is the whole that is being divided – which might usually be the larger number however does not need to be.

Next have the students job-related the complying with problems:

 Tell what is unrecognized in each problem. Then fix the trouble.

1) Amy has actually 16 quarters. If each video game machine takes 2 quarters, how many type of games can she play?

 __________________ is unrecognized. She can play ___________ games.

2) Sue has actually 4 bags of marbles. Tright here are 5 marbles in each bag. How many kind of marbles does Sue have all together?

 ____________ is unwell-known. Sue has actually _____________ marbles all together.

3) Sue’s course has 21 students. There are 7 students at each facility. How many type of centers are there?

 ____________________ is unwell-known. Tbelow are _____________ centers.

4) Sue has 24 candies. She desires to share them equally among 4 friends. How many type of candies will each friend receive?

 _____________ is unrecognized. Each frifinish will certainly receive __________ candies.

5) There are 15 fish in the pet save that are split equally into 3 fish tanks. How many type of fish are in each tank?

 _______________ is unrecognized. Tbelow are ____________ fish in each tank.

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Finally, have students compose and also fix their own difficulties. Ask that they compose one problem of each form.