Is tright here is a Tweet that you no longer desire or have published accidentally or whatever the reasons can be?

In this step-to-action overview, I will certainly display you just how to delete a Tweet from a mobile phone or a desktop computer.

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Bear in mind, that you can delete your own original tweets and retweets from your Twitter profile and also not someone else’s tweets. I hope this is clear, so let’s begin!

How to Delete a Tweet

1. How to Delete a Tweet from Desktop

Step 1: Log in to your Twitter account using your computer’s web internet browser and go to your Profile web page.

Tip 2: Now discover the Tweet that you no wants or want to delete.


Tip 3: Now click the three dots at the optimal right-hand side of the Tweet and also a pop-up will certainly show up where you will certainly have to click “Delete“.


Tip 4: Anvarious other pop-up will show up to confirm deletion of the tweet. Once you click Delete, the tweet will certainly be rerelocated from your profile. Please note that this step can’t be undone so be mindful via this step.


So this is how to delete a tweet from a PC or a desktop computer tool.

2. How to Delete a Tweet from Android or iOS (Mobile Phones)

Tip 1: Log in to your Twitter application account and go to your Profile page.

Tip 2: Look for the Tweet that you have publimelted and wants to delete.

Step 3: Now click the three dots at the peak right-hand also side of the Tweet as depicted below.


Tip 4: A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the display screen, wright here you will have to click “Delete Tweet“.


Step 5: Another pop-up will certainly appear i.e. “Do you desire to delete this Tweet?” in order to confirm deletion from you. Once you click “Yes“, the Tweet will certainly gain deleted from your Twitter profile. As formerly shelp, this delete action can’t be undone.

So this is just how you have the right to quickly delete a Tweet making use of a mobile device (iOS or Android).

How to Delete a Retweet

Deleting a Retweet is very simple.

So in case, you have actually retweeted someone else’s article, simply go to that Retweet and also click the green “Retweet” icon you will certainly find below the tweet.

Simply click it – you will certainly be presented with 2 options: “Unperform Tweet” and “Quote Tweet“.

You need to click “Uncarry out Tweet” and also it will certainly acquire removed from your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Deleting a Tweet from Twitter

How have the right to I delete multiple Tweets at once?

No – you have to delete tweets one by one. There is no bulk delete alternative easily accessible on Twitter. However before, you may acquire third-party software application that deserve to delete multiple tweets at once.

Can you permanently delete tweets?

Yes, you have actually the capability to delete any kind of tweet you’ve ever sent permanently.

Why deserve to I still watch deleted tweets?

Even if you have actually rerelocated the tweet, it might still be cached and hence shows up in search results of the search engines. It will certainly not be visible once the website gets indexed aobtain.

Why did Twitter delete my tweet?

Twitter can remove tweets that are offensive and also abusive in nature.

Can you auto delete tweets?

Yes you have the right to use free programs such as TweetDelete to perform that.


I hope this indevelopment is beneficial, valuable and informative for you.

I likewise hope that you will certainly now be able to delete a Tweet from your mobile or desktop computer via ease.

In situation, you have actually any queries or inquiries, you have the right to ask them in the comments section provided below. I will attempt to reply to your concerns as shortly as possible.

See you in the next tutorial!

You deserve to go to Twitter Aid for more indevelopment.


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