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How Many and also How to calculate Pints, Quarts, Gallons to and from Pounds

Alternate title or QuestionsHow to transform Pints to Quarts to Gallons to and from Pounds?Volume to weight Conversions or load to Volume conversions – 8:4:1:8.How plenty of pounds in X pints, quarts, or gallons?How lot does X gallons, quarts, or pints weigh?A list of most-searched-for questions and answers is included. There is also a particular section relating to the calculating that the size/volume/weight of home water heaters.
Volume to load Conversions. Weight to Volume Conversions.Simple mathematics to convert or calculate pints, quarts, gallons, and also pounds.
Be advised that this web page is US-centric. Together an example, this go not work-related in the UK whereby a pint is 1.25 pounds together opposed to us 1.043 pounds in ~ room temperature (RT).
over there are also issues that temperature and density, both of which are addressed further down the page. The purpose of this page is for practical, everyday business-of-living provides only. Because that that, it will serve you well.

First – The rapid Answers come Volume quantities and Ratios

Volume Definitions

2 pints amounts to 1 quart.4 quarts equals 1 gallon.8 pints equals 1 gallon.

Or to placed It another Way...

1 quart equals 2 pints.1 gallon equals 8 pints.1 gallon equals 4 quarts.Converting Volume come WeightConverting volume to load has everything to perform with the density of the liquid. Fortunately, this question usually needs to do with:How lot does the petrol in your gas tank or a gas have the right to weigh?How lot does a particular container that water or other mostly-water grocery store items weigh?Questions relating to residence water heater size, calculated water volume and the resulting weight.The rule of thumb, and also the expression come remember is: "A pint"s a pound the civilization around."
The resulting estimates and extrapolations from this rule will offer you well because that most everyday purposes. Because that scientific and also industrial purposes where greater accuracy is required, a pint weighs a tiny bit an ext than a lb (1.043 lb.).

Basic formulas

A pint weighs a pound.There space two pints in a quart, so a quart weighs 2 pounds.There are four quarts in a gallon, therefore a gallon weighs 8 pounds.And the eight pints in a gallon, likewise weighing 8 pounds.This pretty lot answers the question. Right here are some other typical examples:Some family members ExamplesA 1-quart bottle of Gatorade weighs 2 pounds. Note: there are 2 pints in a quart and also 4 quarts in a gallon. Together a side note: there space 16 fluid ounces in a pint, 32 fluid ounces in a quart; 1 and 2 pounds respectively.A 2-liter bottle of Pepsi would convert to a load of a small over 4 pounds. Note: A liter is slightly more than a quart.Some gallon examplesA 1-gallon container would convert to a weight of 8 pounds.A 5-gallon container weighs 40 pounds.A 10-gallon container weighs 80 pounds.A full, 25-gallon SUV gas tank method you are hauling approximately 200 pounds of fuel.A typical city water tower can hold everywhere from 300,00 come 600,000 gallons the water, i beg your pardon converts come a weight of 2,400,000 to 4,800,000 pounds that water sitting on those "stilts".

The thickness of the Liquid considerably Affects the Rules worrying Volume conversion Calculations to Weight


A significant component of converting liquid volume to a load measurement is the thickness of the fluid. Because that gasoline, water, and also most grocery items; the rule of a-pint"s-a-pound will certainly serve you just fine. However, together an example, the ascendancy probably wouldn"t work-related too well v any significant volume that engine oil. As severe example, the liquid metal/element mercury would entirely throw the pint"s-a-pound dominion out the window. For this reason of food would any kind of molten steel or alloy.Fluid density is also influenced by temperature. This is why many people fill their gas tank first thing in the morning. Over there is much more gas every gallon in ~ 50 degrees Fahrenheit than at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It must be provided the percentage distinction is in the short single-digits.
Here is a worthwhile web page from NASA around Density, mass (weight), Volume because that both solids and liquids.

List of regular Volume-to-Weight counter Q&A


he Most-Searched-for Questions and Answers forHow numerous PoundsHow much does 1.5 quarts weigh? price is 3 pounds.How lot does 2 quarts weigh? prize is 4 pounds.How lot does 3 quarts weigh? prize is 6 pounds.How much does 5 quarts weigh? price is 10 pounds.How lot does 6 quarts weigh? price is 12 pounds.How lot does 10 quarts weigh? prize is 20 pounds.How much does 16 quarts weigh? price is 32 pounds.How lot does 5 gallons weigh? prize is 40 pounds.How lot does 10 gallons weigh? price is 80 pounds.How lot does 15 gallons weigh? prize is 120 pounds.How lot does 20 gallons weigh? prize is 160 pounds.How much does 50 gallons weigh? answer is 400 pounds.How lot does 55 gallons weigh? answer is 440 pounds.How plenty of pints is a pound? prize is 1.0 pint.How many quarts is a pound? answer is 0.5 quarts.How numerous gallons is a pound? answer is 0.125 gallons.
The formulas for the volume of a sphere, the volume that a cube,the volume that a cylinder, the volume of a rectangle-shaped prism.
For people who are interested, below is a beginner"sAlgebra Tutorial

More Water and also Gasoline Volume-to-Weight Examples

Depending on what unit that measurement friend use, volume will equal cubic English or cubic Metric; examples being cubic inch or cubic centimeters.Side note: the tilde (~) is the mathematics symbol for approximate.English29 cubic inches equals ~1 pint, which equates to ~1 pound.58 cubic inches equals ~2 pints, which equates to ~1 quart, which equates to ~1/4 of a gallon, which amounts to ~2 pounds.231 cubic inches equals ~4 quarts, which equals 1 gallon, which equates to 8 pounds.MetricMost that the civilization uses metric. Over there is a reason for that. As an example, 1000 cubic centimeters equals one liter, 1000 grams amounts to one kilogram, etc.; all nice, neat, and also tidy. The joined States and others space trying to acquire with the program; metric is already included v English measure up on many U.S. Consumer items. It"s just a matter of time.

How much Does the Water sweet in a full Water Heater?– Water Tank size Volume Formula and also Answers –

Serendipitous page on everything around water heaters, including exactly how to buy one.

How to calculation the weight of the Water in a residence Water Heater

How lot does the total amount of water in a water heater weigh, volume to load conversion.From the over NASA chart we view the volume formula because that a cylinder is V = (πd2h)/4
.Water tank heaters come in every sizes. Because that the functions of this example, we will say the water tank heater has actually a measured height of roughly 54 inches; what through this, that, and the other, the water part is probably approximately 48". The diameter measured as 18"; what with insulation, etc., 16 more than likely works.So,d = 16h = 48Thus (" * " definition to multiply),V = (3.14 * 16 * 16 * 48) separated by 4.Since all numbers are inches, the answer will certainly be in cubic inches. We minimize the formula as follows:V = (3.14 * 256 * 48) separated by 4.V = (3.14 * 12288)/4V = 38514/4V = 9646 cubic inches231 cubic inches is same to a gallon, so we division 9646 by 231.9646/231 = 41.76 gallons.What through the inner dimensions being estimates, looks favor it is a 40 gallon water heater.A gallon weighs 8 pounds.So multiplying 40 times 8 offers 320.A 40-gallon water heater contains 320 pounds that cold water.Knowing the volume and also weight that a 40-gallon water tank heater renders it straightforward to extrapolate the volume and also approximate load of other water heaters. Execute remember that together volume increases, the discrepancy totals that the "pints-a pound". Designationversus the more accurate 1.043 lb. Designationalso increases. As an example: multiplying the 320 lb. Calculation for a 40 gallon water heater by 1.043 provides a result of 333.76 lb. At RT versus the initial approximation of 320 lb. In ~ RT. When the water temperature is at warm water heater level, the yes, really weight will fall in between the 320 lb. Calculation and also the 333.76 lb. Calculation.10 gallon water heater is 2310 cubic inches and the water weighs 80 pounds.20 gallon water heater is 4620 cubic inches and the water weighs 160 pounds.30 gallon water heater is 6930 cubic inches and the water weighs 240 pounds.40 gallon water heater is 9240 cubic inches and also the water weighs 320 pounds.50 gallon water heater is 11550 cubic inches and also the water weighs 400 pounds.80 gallon water heater is 18480 cubic inches and the water weighs 640 pounds.100 gallon water heater is 23100 cubic inches and also the water weighs 800 pounds.Do keep in psychic the temperature versus thickness considerations and the growth of water as soon as heated, i.e., a totally hot water heater tank weighs slightly less than a cold or heat water tank heater that"s been freshly refilled after ~ water usage. The difference between hot and also cold water thickness versus volume is significant enough that most water heaters have a temperature press relief valve and a drainage tube or pipe to compensate because that this.

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Converting Cubic Inches to Cubic Feet...

...and the equivalent volume and also weight ratios. The is surprising just how much simply one cubic foot the water weighs.With the pint-equals-pound rule, one cubic foot that water weighs 60 pounds for approxiamation purposes.A cubic foot is 12 inches time 12 inches times 12 inches. Therefore 1728 cubic inches equates to 1 cubic foot. To convert cubic inches to cubic feet, merely divide the cubic inch by 1728. So utilizing the above examples, we would have:2310 cubic inches equates to 1.34 cubic feet equaling 10 gallons equaling 80 lb.4620 cubic inches amounts to 2.68 cubic feet equaling 20 gallons equaling 160 lb.6930 cubic inches equals 4.02 cubic feet equaling 30 gallons equaling 240 lb.9240 cubic inches equals 5.36 cubic feet equaling 40 gallons equaling 320 lb.11550 cubic inches amounts to 6.70 cubic feet equaling 50 gallons equaling 400 lb.18480 cubic inches equals 10.72 cubic feet equaling 80 gallons equaling 640 lb.23100 cubic inches equals 13.40 cubic feet equaling 100 gallons equaling 800 lb.* A side note. I happened to stumble throughout this on Wikipedia: "Pound (mass), a unit of mass regularly abbreviated incorrectly as "lbs" in the plural. Abbreviation of systems of measure perform not usage an "s" ~ above the end for plural."May all your calculations be thriving ones.- end of write-up -