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Any 6.7 belt an altering gurus have actually any personal trick bag advice for placing a brand-new belt on? I provided a breaker bar on the tensioner yet getting the belt roughly the crankshaft is a SOB.....LOL

Lots the patience! took me practically 45 mins chasing it about various components. I"d gain it all collection the climb under to on slide it end the compressor and also sure enough something would have fallen off. Following time I"m going to replace the tensioner. That should at least make it simpler to obtain off and start acquiring it ago on. Great luck!

Route it approximately everything other than either the tensioner or alternator, then usage a breaker bar and also slide it on. Shouldn"t take any longer 보다 5 minute tops.
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Route it approximately everything except either the tensioner or alternator, then use a breaker bar and slide the on. Shouldn"t take any kind of longer than 5 minute tops.
That"s the problem, ns can"t gain it routed approximately the crank and fan pulley.I think I have just shed all my typical sense and also patience....:doh:Any members in north main WV desire to aid a brothers out and also earn some $$$? :S:
One the the best mistakes human being make trying to adjust the belt is to put it over the fan first like a continuous belt. Doesn"t occupational that way. Just want to preeminence that out.

It is a PITA. Ns remember analysis somewhere on below how to carry out it and also how to route the belt however don"t remember where. I carry out remember loosening the tensioner quite a little bit so the belt have the right to slide behind the pulley....
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I had actually the same concern with the crank and fan trying come squeeze the in the crack. I finally decided that I could not rest the belt and also used several musle to pull it with the crack. Ater that ns bought one of those cheap belt tensioner wrench kits. The kit is usually a flap 1" X 1/8" item of steel that has 3/8" socket recepticle and also some really short sockets. This worked great on the tensioner.
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I loosened the 10mm bolt and took the tensioner fully off. I have the routing diagram, that a tight and also confusing SOB. There is hardly any kind of room to obtain your hands in there, i loosened the shroud cover too. I might end up acquisition off the top radiator hose together well. By far trying to install this belt reminds me of those traverse sideways engines. I never ever saw a van belt the was together a Perhaps later on this week, ns will try it again.
Done, all earlier together with new water pump, belt and also coolant.All I required was a tiny sleep end the weekend, the belt diagram and BINGO DONE.

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arty018:One tip I found is use the breaker bar on the belt tensioner from underneath the truck then slip the new belt on the A/C compressor.Having your earlier on the creeper (ground) offers you more leverage and much more swing room on the breaker bar.Thanks to all for the tips and support.
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I thought about it that, because I have the prolonged warranty. However I don"t know how this dealer will certainly react to all the deletes and MM. Perhaps I"ll save the warranty because that something bigger...LOL
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