The critical Leaf(by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1809 - 1894)​I observed him once before,As that passed by the door, and againThe pavement stones resound,As that totters o’er the ground through his cane.They say the in his prime,Ere the pruning-knife of Time reduced him down,Not a better man to be foundBy the Crier on his round v the town.But currently he to walk the streets,And look at at all he meets Sad and also wan,And he shakes his feeble head,That it seems as if the said, “They space gone.”The mossy marbles restOn the lips the he has prest In your bloom,And the names he loved to hearHave been carved for many a year on the tomb.My grandmamma has said—Poor old lady, she is dead lengthy ago—That he had a roman inn nose,And his cheek was favor a increased In the snow;But now his nose is thin,And the rests top top his chin prefer a staff,And a crook is in his back,And a melancholy crack In his laugh.I recognize it is a sinFor me come sit and grin in ~ him here;But the old three-cornered hat,And the breeches, and all that,Are so queer!And if I need to live come beThe last sheet upon the tree In the spring,Let them smile, together I execute now,At the old forsaken bough whereby I cling.

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​Discussion clues / inquiries / activitiesStanzas 5, 6, and also 7 were cut out inIndian Summer.Why perform you think these were cut for consists in the anthology?Do the turned off stanzas include something necessary to the poem? Or space they replaceable?What carry out they contribute to the poem?​Holmes created this about his poem: "I have actually lasted long sufficient to serve as an illustration that my own poem. Ns am among the really last that the leaves which quiet cling to the bough that life that budded in the feather of the nineteenth century. The days of mine years are threescore and twenty, and I to be almost half way up the steep incline which leader me towards the basic of the new century so close to to which ns have already climbed."
Comprehension questions: → To whom does the "last leaf" refer? → What to be the office that the "Crier"? What to be its function? What has actually done away v the necessity for together service? → explain "the pruning-knife that Time" in your very own words.

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→ What indigenous in this city are offered to to compare the old versus the young? → Abraham Lincoln recited this city from memory as among his favorites. What carry out you think it is about the poem that appealed to Lincoln? → how does the speaker resemble "the last sheet on the tree"?​Comprehension questions derived from