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AuthorTopic: Gotta rest the Ignition Lock (Read 27688 times)

SurfnutSr. MemberPosts: 278


So,I"m in ~ the girlfriend"s house. She broke my ignition key in the door lock.The car"s unlocked yet now i don"t have actually a an essential to start the car.She"s obtained to get her auto out of the garage (which the Capri is parked in prior of) at 7 a.m. Tomorrow - Sunday morning.I"ve never damaged an ignition lock before so deserve to someone that knows please tell me exactly how to carry out it ?Do i cram a driver in the lock and turn the whole works with vice grips / wrench ?Any ideas for me ? you re welcome ?Dave
hey guy you can shot that however if not.. You deserve to remove the ignition thing pretty easy and also see if friend can gain the an essential out
How execute I acquire the ignition cylinder the end ?Normally this is something I would probably be able to just job-related at and eventually figure out however you have to remember that :A) it"s dark out,B) I"ve only acquired a grasp of devices in the tribe andC) It"s 10:15 Saturday night and also I"ve gained to have actually the auto moved by 7 Sunday morning.Assuming i can gain the ignition lock out, can I unlock the steering lock and start the automobile ?Thanks Bryan............
ok male fist the all can you watch the an essential in the door in ~ all ns would acquire some vise grips or something and also twizer and try to acquire that the end first.. Due to the fact that breaking the ignition well not be cheaper to fix
She gained the door unlocked so i can get in the car.Half the an essential is stuck deep inside the door lock and also the other fifty percent is still on the crucial chain.I"ve no doubt it will certainly be a many work to acquire the key out the door lock so I number that in ~ this suggest it"s much better to concentrate on the ignition lock so ns can obtain the point started and moved.
once you obtain that pin the end of the method you should have the ability to pull the tumbler out and get come the ignition mod and also it look together ike this
well yeah however your not going to like it lol.. And bro after come night gain her some devices you know a drill and also bits and box that some sort of cheep tools lol... If your dead significant just obtain a hammer and also break the lower part of that tumber housing to obtain the tumbler out and you have the right to start the that way kind of exact same thing together a on slide hammer
So I have to obtain the ignition cylinder out before I deserve to start the car ?How perform the automobile thieves execute it ? ns would"ve believed the large screwdriver idea can do that ?
thats the only other idea ihave because that a quick fix girlfriend cant warm wire a automobile like they execute on tv lol but you need to gain to this thing which is below
yet this is in the way
So I"m most likely looking in ~ pulling the black color plastic turn off the bottom of the steering column.Then smash the shit out of the bottom of the steering pillar to break the aluminum so ns can gain the ignition cylinder the end Then I"ll have the ability to start the car with a screwdriver, right ?Will the steering wheel still be locked or will certainly the removal of the ignition cylinder unlock the steering wheel so I deserve to turn it?
no the does not need to come out yet something has to break before it will rotate to start the automobile i think thiefs break the igintion with a slide hammer i m sorry rips the end the tumbler i would certainly think then a screw driver will begin it if i collection here long enought i might figure how to choose the lock lol

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And yes, you"re best again....I must go to Harbor Freight and also dump a hundred bucks to outfit she garage through emergency devices for me to usage the next time she division my poor car !!!!!!