With Dance Moms coming to an end in Season 7, fans are feeling particularly nostalgic about the beloved Lifetime show long before Abby Lee Miller went to prison and Maddie Ziegler became a big-screen actor. One cast member in particular stands out when thinking about the earlier seasons: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein"s daughter Vivi-Anne Stein. What is Vivi up to now?

Aside from the occasional appearance here or there, we haven’t seen much of Vivi since the pint-sized dancer was young, so it’s time to catch up with her. Read on for an update on the former reality star"s life today.

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How old is Vivi today?

Vivi has gone from cute kid to all-grown-up teenager! She was born on Sept. 11, 2004, and the seventh grader turned 13 this year.

Is she adopted?

Cathy and her husband, insurance adjuster Mike Stein, adopted their daughter from birth in 2004. Vivi, who is Guatemalan-born, became a citizen when she was in elementary school, as her mother waited until she was old enough to go through the application process herself.

Is she still dancing?

The teen still dances for her mom’s own studio — and Abby Lee Dance Company’s former rival — Candy Apple’s Dance Center in Ohio. She’s set to play Clara in their upcoming production of The Nutcracker.

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Does she have social media?

Unlike her peers, Vivi doesn’t have any public social media accounts that are active. She last used her Twitter in 2016. However, you can see her frequently in posts on her mom’s Instagram.

What happened to her YouTube channel?

In February 2016, she started a YouTube channel, racking up almost 100,000 views in her first post. Though she promised new videos every week, she never shared any additional clips and it’s still the only post.

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What else has she been doing?

Outside of middle school, friends, and dancing, Vivi also travels frequently with her mom — and, occasionally, the dance team — to places like New York City.

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