Simple question.... According to the CFS, exactly how much weight 1 united state gallon of JET A in ~ 15 degree? I"m a small bit confused...

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navajo wrote:Simple question.... Follow to the CFS, just how much weight 1 united state gallon of JET A at 15 degree? I"m a tiny bit confused...

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According to mine most existing out-of-date CFS, on web page A43 in the basic section, 1 united state Gallon that JET A weighs 7.00 LBS (based ~ above the maximum density limit for the product) at 15 levels Centigrade. Not sure what component of the question is the cheat (this is ~ all). If you are acquiring confused around which number is what, the 1.85 is LBS per Litre when the 8.39 is LBS per royal Gallon. Does the help?
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According come the thickness that the fuel guy offered me (808.5 kg / meter cube, corrected to 15 degrees) and my POH, 1 united state gal load 6.7 lbs (they don"t specify united state gal in the POH yet I know it is). What am i missing?
The typical weight, according to the very scientific an approach of sampling 3 different turbine aircraft flight manuals within 2 normal steps of mine computer, is 6.7 pounds per us Gallon. One manual also specifies thickness of fuel at 60F (15.6C) that .803 which ns think come pretty close to the value you quoted the fuel guy provided you. What specifically are girlfriend trying to number out?
navajo wrote:According come the thickness that the fuel guy offered me (808.5 kg / meter cube, repair to 15 degrees) and also my POH, 1 united state gal weight 6.7 lbs (they don"t specify united state gal in the POH but I understand it is). What am ns missing?
I don"t recognize much about fuel weights, however reading just what friend posted, the math seems correct.If 1 cubic meter of fuel weighs 808.5 kgthen the particular gravity is .8085 ( because 1 cubic meter the water weighs 1000kg)1 us gallon the water weighs 8.3248 poundstimes a specific gravity of.8085 ( based on the fluid weighing 808.5 kg every cubic meter, rather of 1000 kg )so multiply 8.3248 by .8085 -the particular gravity= a fuel weight of 6.7 lbs or so-depending how plenty of decimals dropped prior to doing the guzintos.
Pratt X 3 wrote:The typical weight, follow to the an extremely scientific technique of sampling 3 various turbine aircraft trip manuals in ~ 2 normal procedures of my computer, is 6.7 pounds per us Gallon. One manual even specifies density of fuel at 60F (15.6C) of .803 which i think come pretty close come the worth you quoted the fuel guy provided you. What specifically are girlfriend trying to figure out?
I simply wanted to understand why is over there a so large difference between the CFS number (7 lbs) and the real number (6.7 lbs), which renders a distinction of 160 lbs when I complete my airplane. Ns taught that maybe I wasn"t maybe to check out the fuel sweet table in the CFS.
Well, permit me try to take a stab in ~ it and also see if i can number out this problem. Let"s begin with the CFS numbers. Quoting from web page A43 in the general section:
Fuel and also lubricating oil product specifications suggest a density selection for every product. The density values shown below are based on maximum density limit for each product. The actual weight for certain conditions can and should be derived from the dealer offering the fuel. Consult the certified batch evaluation (CBA).

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So, the worth from the CFS (i.e. 7.00 LBS per united state GAL) is the heaviest that that form of fuel have the right to weigh and also still be thought about that kind of fuel for the temperature listed. Think the that as the worst instance scenario. You number you have actually 400 united state GAL the JET A in her tanks so, utilizing the CFS, you have actually 2800 LBS onboard (assuming the fuel temperature is 15C). However, the highly suggests (the "ole should) the the particular density provided by the fuel dude once you acquire your fuel ticket be supplied to figure out precisely how lot the fuel that was just loaded onto her aircraft weighs. So using the figure you quoted (808.5 kg / meter cube, repair to 15 degrees) and also BibleMonkey"s math, that 400 us GAL that JET A weighs 2680 LBS (again, assuming the fuel temperature is 15C). Together you deserve to see and you mentioned early, by making use of the details density, you deserve to cram in another 120 LBS of stuff delivering the same amount of fuel. Bonus, especially if the stuff is the beer/burritos/porn mags/etc. You room going to use at the destination.Now let"s look in ~ the number in your POH. Why the 6.7 LBS per united state GAL? mine guess is that"s a nice average number based on the different types of JET fuel the plane is authorized to burn. Psychic the manufacturer is do the efforts to market the plane using the many optimistic number they can (ever look at a magazine for the aircraft you space flying and also see how far off the published numbers they are to what you check out on a day-to-day basis?) therefore they came up through the lowest typical (oxymoron?) number to use in convert the volume (US GAL) the the fuel tanks right into a weight (LBS) for W&B calculations, marketing, etc.. Looks great on paper, right? ns hope that gets rid of up several of the confusion and also doesn"t develop even more. Ns am, by far, not an expert on this but I expect this will aid a little bit and also by law this good deed, I deserve to be forgiven after that down the roadway for one immature, asinine comment i make on another thread. Karma; not simply something to develop a popular sit-com television show about!
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