The quantity of bricks calculation is an extremely important because most of the structures are come be constructed with 75% the brickwork particularly (In the eastern countries). So it is an extremely important for us to understand how numerous bricks are required in 1-meter cube volume.

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After learning the 1-meter cube volume we can calculate the continuing to be quantity an extremely easily my just multiplying 1-meter cube an outcome to the desired volume.

The calculation is fairly simple method how countless numbers of the bricks girlfriend will require to develop your wall surface and others, but there are a couple of important considerations friend must constantly consider when you space calculating the quantity.

 The broad of the wall which walk to be built. Number of the openings in the wall surface like (Door, Windows, etc.) Size or which Type the the brick going come use.

Let’s take it this instance to recognize well.


Suppose we need to construct the wall surface having a volume of the 1-meter cube, the size of brick is walk to use is 190 mm ×90 mm ×90 mm and mortar is 8 mm thick v the ratio of 1: 4. So

1.) calculate the number of bricks?

2.) The quantity of cement?

3.) The amount of sand?



Volume (L x W x H) = 1 meter cube.

Mortar thickness = 8 mm.

Mortar ratio = 1:4

Size the brick = 190 mm ×90 mm ×90 mm. or (0.19 m x 0.09 m x 0.09 m).

Size that brick with mortar = 198 mm × 98 mm× 98 mm. Or (0.198 m x 0.098 m x 0.098 m).

Quantity of bricks Formula


This calculation have the right to take place right into 2 steps.

1. Step: (Bricks Calculation)

Volume that 1 brick = (0.19 m x 0.09 m x 0.09 m) = 0.001539 meter cube.Volume that 1 brick through mortar = (0.198 m x 0.098 m x 0.098 m) = 0.0019 meter cube.No the bricks in 1 cum = volume/volume that bricks v mortar = 1/0.0019 = 526 Bricks.

2. Step: (Mortar Calculation)

Volume covered by 526 bricks in 1 Cum Volume = (Bricks number x Volume the 1 brick).500 Bricks Volume = 526 x 0.001539 = 0.81 meter cube.Volume = (Total volume – volume of bricks).Mortar volume = 1 – 0.81 = 0.19 meter cube. (wet volume).Dry Volume = 0.19 x 1.33 = 0.2527 meter cube (dry Volume). Wherein (1.33 is a constant)


Cement: = (dry volume x ratio x thickness of cement in 1 cum)/Sum the Ratio.

= (0.2527 x 1 x 2022)/5

= 72.77 kg /50

= 1.5 bags


Sand: = (dry volume x proportion x 35.3147)/Sum that Ratio. (1 Cum = 35.3147 cubic feet.)

= (0.2527 x 4 x 35.3147)/5

= 7.1 cubic feet


BRICKS = 526

CEMENT = 1.5 bags.

SAND = 7.1 cubic feet.

Note: these ratios may change by changing the measurement of the mortar thickness or size of the bricks as well as the mortar ratios 1: 4, 1: 6 etc.

This amount of bricks calculate is based upon experience and some practical Knowledge. The specific quantity may be much less of or more.

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You deserve to watch this article video clip for your better understanding however the dimensions room changed.