Quite often, ns am asked how countless cups or fluid ounces (oz) room in a lb of honey? over there is a the majority of confusion, many of which is self-inflicted, because the love husband industry and I have actually chosen to sell honey by the pound instead the a fluid ounce or other fluid measurement unit that most liquid food is offered by. Maybe it is because honey is sold as a sweetener and competes v “dry” sweeteners like beet sugar and also sugarcane. Who knows exactly how this madness started? because most recipes speak to for fluid volume and not pounds, this can acquire quite confusing. Anyway, ns think we are stuck through this case so below is some aid visualizing these measurements and also some convenient conversion tips.

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First, let’s check out the volume the a pound of Whitfield’s Raw love husband occupies in a common jar.


1 lb the honey. This is exactly how you purchase it!

Now, let’s measure 1lb that honey right into a standard kitchen measuring cup so we can convert it come volumes usually used in recipes:


1Lb of honey (by weight) in a typical kitchen measure up cup

Next, let’s see exactly how 1 lb of honey converts into liquid measurements favor cups, ounces (fluid) and also even milliliters (ml).


1lb of love husband is around equal to 1.34 Cups, 10.7 Oz (fluid) or 317 ml.

The meniscus (what does meniscus mean?) obscures ours reading a little bit in this photo however l lb of honey equals around 1.34 cups or 10.7 ounces (Oz) or 317 ml. The following table might assist you through other typical honey load to volume conversions:


I expect this helps define this conversion. Allow me know if girlfriend have any kind of questions. Happy cooking/baking and mead making!

Want to instead of a honey because that granulated sugar?

1 cup granulated street = 1/4 – 1/3 cup raw honey

Caution, you might need to reduce the moisture in the recipe by 20-30% as soon as using honey.
Want come know exactly how to melt your honey without wrecking it?

Check out my post titled “Don’t Wreck your Honey.”

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I’m therefore confused! have the right to you please help me to number out the following:

I’m filling little bottles (that watch like small milk jugs) through honey for a wedding favor. The bottles host 6 ounces of liquid (water). I’m do the efforts to number out how many pounds of honey ns will should fill 125 bottles. I can’t it seems ~ to number out just how to come up v the correct amount.


Thank you so much!!

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