For the orbit diagram, we simply need to draw each orbital and fill them up through the correct number of electrons. Take note that we have to followHund’s rulewhen pour it until it is full up the orbit diagram.

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Hund’s rulestates thatdegenerate orbitals (same energy) are an initial half-filled before being totally-filled.

1.) team 4A

Group 4A → 4 valence e-

valence electrons: ns2np2


2 unpaired electrons

2.) group 6A

Group 6A → 6 valence e-

valence electrons: ns2np4


2 unpaired electrons

3.) The halogens

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How numerous unpaired electron are present in the floor state of an atom from each of the complying with groups?

1.) team 4A

2.) group 6A

3.) The halogens

4.) The alkali metals

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