How plenty of tennis balls can you fit right into a limousine? How numerous balls can you fit in a car? How many tennis balls could you fit within an airplane? How many tennis balls perform you have to balance the scale?

You may have thought around some the these concerns at one suggest or another. I know I did at some point.

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The fast answer to your key question of “how numerous tennis balls have the right to you fit right into a limousine” is 125,000. You room able to fit an approximated 125,000 tennis balls in a limo.

How did us arrive at this number? This article will walk over the measurements that got in calculating this estimation.

We will additionally go over some various other questions around tennis balls and how plenty of can to the right in other auto types. Enjoy!

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Things to Consider

Before calculating how many tennis balls have the right to actually fit inside a limo, you need to measure the tennis sphere itself and also the size of the limo.

Not every limo is the very same size and some are much longer than others. Likewise, tennis balls have the right to also variety in weight.

Also, once you location tennis balls on top of one another, there will be tied to have gaps between them. This is because tennis balls space spherical in shape.

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Tennis Balls – How large Are They?

What is the volume that a tennis ball?

In straightforward math, the volume that a ball is 4/3πr3. 

When you measure up the size of a tennis ball, friend can gain a much better idea on how big they are.

Let’s take, because that example, the a tennis ball has actually a length of 2 inches. Fifty percent a diameter will certainly be the radius. In this case, the radius would be 1 inch.

4/3 indigenous the ball calculation will provide you 1.3 together 3 will go into 4, providing you a leftover the ⅓.

Given the π = 3.14, the whole number will certainly be 3.

We have the right to use the adhering to formula to calculate a tennis round size.


The volume would be about 3.9 cubic inches. 

Based ~ above our knowledge that limos are naturally much longer than a car, over there still should not be longer than 10 metres. However, the height and also width need to be relatively the exact same to a vehicle (1.5 metres and 2 metres respectively).

In inches, these would certainly mean: 


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How many tennis balls can you fit right into a limousine?

When you think about that the seats and also shape of the auto will take it up half the accessible space, the remaining space would be 750,000 in cubic inches. 

After acquisition off another quarter from the empty room that tennis balls will create (due to its circle-shaped), girlfriend will have a remaining room of 500,000 in cubic inches.

Now, we have the right to simply division the volume of the limousine (500,000) and also the volume that one tennis ball (4).

This is what us get:

500,000/4 = 125,000

Although this is one estimate, friend now recognize that approximately 125,000 tennis balls deserve to all fit inside a limo in ~ a provided time.

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How many Tennis Balls will Fit In A Car?

What if you want to recognize the same question but for a car instead? below are the calculations.

Let’s speak the automobile size is the following:

2m x 5m 1.5m (length x width x height)

We can do the calculations together so:


Volume = l × W × H

Volume = 200 × 80 × 60

Volume = 16,000 × 60

Volume = 750,000 cubic inches

The car parts and also tires will certainly take increase almost fifty percent of the auto volume. Thus, the brand-new volume would be 375,000 cubic inches.

Just choose the limo example, there would certainly be north gaps between each tennis balls due to its shape. If they to be to take ¼ the the space, you would certainly be left v 280,000 as the final vehicle volume.

Now, we deserve to divide the volume the the auto (280,000) with 4 (tennis ball volume), which will amount come 70,000.

To price the concern of “how plenty of balls deserve to you fit in a car,” 70,000 tennis balls will be able to fit within a car.

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How numerous tennis balls can you fit inside an airplane?

We perform the very same calculations and without going into too lot detail, you would arrive at around 650,000-700,000 tennis balls that you can fit inside a Boeing plane.

How numerous tennis balls room in a cubic meter?

According to the Tennis Federation, a tennis ball has actually a diameter of 6.54 – 6.86 cm. This would average the volume is 8 cubic inches.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how plenty of tennis balls deserve to fit in a details vehicle kind can be intriguing. Return it will not straight improve her tennis skills, that is still a nice point to know.

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If you space looking come learn much more tennis hacks and become a better tennis player, friend have pertained to the right place!

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