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A simple procedure for writing Lewis Structures was given in a previous article entitled “Lewis Structures and the Octet Rule”.Several worked instances relevant to this procedure were given in previous articles please view the Sitemap - Table of components (Lewis Electron period Structures).

The Lewis Electron Dot structures of SO3 were attracted using this procedure in a previous short article entitled "Simple Procedure for composing Lewis structures – Lewis structures for sulfur trioxide SO3"


Molecular orbital Theory and also ab initio calculations have the right to be offered to calculate and draw the electrostatic potential (ESP) of a molecule.

The molecule electrostatic potential is the potential power of a proton at a particular location close to a molecule. There are an adverse and positive ESP"s.

Negative electrostatic potential corresponds to a attraction of the proton by the concentrated electron density in the molecule (mainly indigenous lone pairs, pi-bonds,... ) (colored red). Red shade in electrostatic potential drawings show locations with high electron density.

Positive electrostatic potential coincides to repulsion of the proton by the atom nuclei in areas where short electron density exists and also the nuclear charge is incompletely shielded (colored blue). Blue color in electrostatic potential drawings show areas with short electron density.

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Several abdominal muscle initio softwares calculation electrostatic potentials based upon quantum mechanically derived molecular orbitals. The electrostatic potential the SO3 derived by abdominal muscle initio calculations is shown below:


It is come be noted that most of the an unfavorable charge (electron wealthy areas, colored red) is focused on the oxygen atom of SO3 together it is meant from the Lewis frameworks of SO3 and by chemical intuition. Most of the confident charge (electron deficient areas, colored blue) is focused on the S atom as it is supposed from the Lewis structures of SO3 and also by chemistry intuition.

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