I'm city hall a lot of german dubbed series from Netflix (they dub your "Netflix Original" shows, which is really nice) and in them, kids/teens say "Dad" or "Daddy" to their fathers, rather of "Papa/Papi/Vatter/Vati". Is this normal? Or space these weird dubs?

Vielen dank ns Voraus!


Lol. Many thanks for the info.

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Walter Jr (in Braking Bad), constantly calls his dad "Dad", in the german dub.

Also, I'm city hall "Sabrina", and also some that the girls contact their dads "Dad".

Weird, yeah. It would certainly sound really weird in Spanish also.

Do girlfriend know about any online organization where I have the right to watch German movies and also series? v (exact) subtitles if it's possible. Subtitles top top Netflix are various from what friend hear...

they hardly ever represent what German dialogue usually sounds like.

Mmmh, then I should reconsider my finding out routine.

As others pointed out dubs of specifically American shows keep the to much better fit the feeling. Still, I use Papa/Mama, friend supplies Dad/Mum, my far-ranging other is on the Vadder/Mudder (sometimes Vati/Mutti) spectrum. Just never ever use Daddy. Please. The the next thing can be babies learning Papa saying Dada.

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German dubbing is pretty well done. Sometimes it seems to enhance the lip movement virtually perfectly. (Sometimes i forget that it's dubbed, it's so well done)

When dubbing Dad, Papa doesn't yes, really fit in through the lip activity that well. My German fiance said me that's most likely the factor they perform this. (I've inquiry before due to the fact that we watch whatever in German)

I had the same thought and also it's simply a theory, however might need to do with lip synching as closely as possible. Mama/Papa both end on a vowel with open up mouth if Mom/Dad carry out not. So, castle are regularly emphasized the difference between original and also dub would certainly be yes, really obvious.


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