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To use this converter, just choose a unit to convert from, a unit to convert to, then kind the worth you desire to convert. The result will be displayed immediately.

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This converter accepts decimal, integer and fractional values as input, for this reason you deserve to input worths like: 1, 4, 0.5, 1.9, 1/2, 3 1/2, etc.

Note that to go into a blended number choose 1 1/2, you present leave a an are between the integer and the fraction.

The numerical result exactness will certainly be according to de number o far-reaching figures that you choose.

When the result shows one or more fractions, friend should think about its colors follow to the table below:

Exact portion or 0% 1% 2% 5%10%15%

These colors represent the preferably approximation error because that each fraction. If the error does not fit her need, you need to use the decimal value and possibly boost the number of far-ranging figures.

Please, if girlfriend find any issues in this calculator, or if you have any type of suggestions, please call us.

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litersmilliliterscubic centimeters (cc)cubic meterscupsfluid ouncestablespoonsteaspoonsquartsgallonspintsimperial gallonsimperial pintsdropsbarrels of oilcubic feetcubic inches⇨litersmilliliterscubic centimeters (cc)cubic meterscupsfluid ouncestablespoonsteaspoonsquartsgallonspintsimperial gallonsimperial pintsdropsbarrels the oilcubic feetcubic inches=
Significant Figures:

The maximum approximation error because that the fractions displayed in this application are according through these colors:

Exact fraction 1% 2% 5%10%15%

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Examples of Volume Conversions

1 gallon come quartsquart come pintsquart to tablespoonsmilliliters to drops45000 teaspoons to cups6 ounces to tablespoonsmilliliter come tablespoons0.5 liter come ounces203 milliliters come quarts50 tablespoons to cups0.015625 teaspoon to gallons3 tablespoons to ounces220 milliliters come ounces0.8 pint to gallons18 ounces to cupsmilliliter to tablespoonsgallons to pints13 liters to gallons787 milliliters come cupscubic inches come gallons


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