It’s not unusual that if Love Island airs, the vocabulary the the Islanders slips into the mainstream.

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From “message” to “loyal,” this words take it on a totality new meaning while Love Island is on.

So once the hatchet “sauce” to be bandied approximately in last night’s illustration (Monday, January 20th), it quickly became apparent that this to be going come be one of the terms of the season.


Screenshot: Love Island sauce S6 E8 – ITV Hub

Shaughna talks sauce

When giving some indigenous of encouragement to Nas Majeed, Shaughna Phillips dropped the S-bomb because that the an initial time in the episode.

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Speaking around why Nas hadn’t been happy in love yet, Shaughna said:

I think there can be a slight fear of rejection. Friend don’t trust in your own sauce and also it’s wild due to the fact that your sauce is *mwah*

Shaughna followed her statement v the ‘Italian cook kiss’ gesture and then a Salt Bae sprinkle.

Nas later disputed how that “had the sauce” in comparison come the other male Islanders. The even asserted that Connor Durman was more “salt and pepper” than sauce!

primark rushing to make ‘stirring the sauce’ t-shirt’s and also water bottles #LoveIsland

— alanis