currently i have single gas wall surface oven in addition to gas cooktop, and for my kitchen renovation ns really desire to transform the gas wall oven to electric oven.

i"m called to execute that, the home needs to have 220 minimum? and my electric panal is to run on 200 amps because that the whole household.

in my further research, it appears 200 amps IS sufficient to run all the usual applciances, consisting of a eletric oven.

could anyone confirm that? 200 or 220/more?


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I think suitable terminology is the problem with her question. Volts and amps space two completely different things. Electrical ovens are 240(volts) not amps. Amps will certainly differ through each appliance however 50 amps in ~ 240 volts is not unusual for a complimentary standing range. Wall surface ovens have the right to be and also usually room less since they have actually no cook top.


You"re confound volts and amps. Your electrical service is 240 volts, 200 amps (amps are based on what friend said). 200 amp service is nice common but it is difficult for us to absolutely say the it is "enough" because that your specific situation. Some inquiries that might aid are: How big is your home, what kind of heat and also hot water, how countless air conditioners, anything else that provides a many of power - warm tub, induction range, etc.?


And the appliance itself will contact out the minimum dimension circuit it calls for in the surroundings manual.


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