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I obtained to handle this special job today. Boy did i underestimate the quantity of fun I would have.Got that done, finally, yet have 1 feather left over. While no really left over, just unsure that what purpose it serves.:dunno: ns am relatively sure I understand where it come from, it simply seemed prefer it offered no purpose. If I put it ago there, that does serve zero purpose.Can someone tell me if possibly it is "extra" or maybe it to be not associated properly prior to I started.It is ~ above the left side(seated position) that the undercarriage and over the idler spring. I have the right to see the spring obstacle mark, it simply does not seem to attach to anything various other than the frame.Idler spring removed for clarity.:thanku:
Here is the feather in question, the long skinny one to the left of the big fat one with the white boxes over the ends.Even in this photo, i beg your pardon is exactly how I assumed it goes, that does not appear to have a function.

When the belt is to run it bounces roughly a lot walking from pulley to pulley and also the much longer the distance the more the bounce.The feather absorbs the bounce the the belt for this reason it operation smooth.
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Just s ns understand, the big bar that the idler feather is attached come bounces around and that tiny skinny feather absorbs it?Okay! Thanks. I will install it as pictured, and also as i remembered it comes off.
Here is the spring in question, the long skinny one to the left that the large fat one through the white boxes over the ends.Even in this photo, i m sorry is exactly how I assumed it goes, that does not appear to have actually a function.

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I simply did this job on mine 1997 345 but don"t remember the spring you room referring to....was it crucial to remove it..? due to the fact that I yes, really don"t remember having actually that spring. you"ve acquired me wonder if ns messed up somewhere....and it"s laying in the driveway...So I simply looked increase the belt drive and also idler in the Deere parts catalog and it does no show any kind of such spring.....I yes, really think girlfriend do have actually an extra. ...and the tensioner spring is the large one you currently have installed....whew..! You had me worried there for a minute....but possibly someone else will verify ....

I just did the exact same thing on mine Simplicity Regent! My spring is the same to yours. I believed it didn"t have actually purpose either! also funny!
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