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Chinese character and stroke stimulate animation"How execute I create 鸡 ( jī ) correctly?"The strokes that all Chinese personalities are composed of room to be created in a specific order which has originally been characterized by Chinese calligraphy. Composing all characters according come the very same rules assures that their plan shape and also style are usually preserved also if created by different writers.This shows you the correct stroke order together an animation for all personalities so you deserve to learn and also understand exactly how to create the personality correctly. :

Chinese Pinyin example sentence v 鸡 ( ji / jī ) Writing in PinyinBefore using this Pinyin instance sentence, think about that Chinese characters should always be your very first choice in created communication. If girlfriend cannot use Chinese characters, the is preferable to usage the Pinyin v tones. Only use the Pinyin without tones if there"s no other choice (e.g. Composing a text blog post from/to a mobile phone the doesn"t support special personalities such together ā, í, ŏ, ù).

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Wŏ de shŭxiàng shì jī.
–English translation: my (Chinese) zodiac authorize is rooster.
»Click here« and also select great Zodiac Signs and Common Tatoos.

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鸡 is written of 7 strokes and also therefore is of low complexity contrasted to the other simplified Chinese characters (average: 13.1 strokes).
bird|(chicken) egg鸡 ( ji / jī ) belongs come the 3000 most typical Chinese characters
(rank 1207)
宫保鸡丁 ( gōngbăo jīdīng = chicken with peanuts ), 公鸡 ( gōngjī = cock ), 鸡巴 ( jībā = penis ), 鸡蛋 ( jīdàn = hen's egg ), 鸡肉 ( jīròu = chicken ), 鸡尾酒 ( jīwĕijiŭ = cocktail )
圾 (garbage) , 基 (basic) , 击 (to hit) , 机 (machine) , 激 (to excite) , 玑 (irregular shaped pearl) , 矶 (rock projecting over the water) , 积 (to accumulate) , 箕 (dustpan) , 肌 (muscle)
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