someone told me that, if you want someone who is talking too much to be quiet, you deserve to use either of the two phrases: "ferme-la" and "tais-toi". I recognize that they space both casual phrases and also that you could sound stern or rude. However I was also told that they aren"t exactly the same because one of castle is a more powerful phrase.

I simply want to know: i beg your pardon one is stronger and also which one is much more polite?



Ferme-la ! (or La ferme !) is really rude although you can be even more rude with Tu vas la fermer ta gueule ! or just Ta gueule !.

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Tais-toi ! or Taisez-vous ! is just acceptable if you space talking to kids or to people under your orders, better to include s"il te plait / s"il vous plait to slightly soften the request.

With friends, you might say Camembert (for ferme ta boite à camembert…)but it"s an ext a joke 보다 anything, and also only offered in France.

If you are talking to who you don"t know, straight asking to that human being to stop talking is rude, whatever the method you to speak it. This is true in English too.

In such case, you"d quite indirectly asking like among these ways:

Est-ce que je peux vous demander un peu de quiet s"il vous plait ?

Excusez-moi, pourriez-vous parler un peu moins fort s"il vous plaît ?

Pourriez-vous faire un peu moins de bruit pendant que je … ?

Finally, chut ! or just the table of contents in prior or the lips is a common method to ask because that silence, specifically like the "shhh!" gesture.

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Both space rude, but « Ferme-la » is the strongest. These are an extremely disrespectful and also you have to avoid utilizing them. Actually, as mentioned by Simon Déchamps in the comments, it"s rude since it"s imperative. Questioning someone to prevent talking is in most cases rude. To stay polite the good way would be come ask the person to make much less noise (Pourriez-vous faire moins de bruit s"il vous plait ?).

« Tais-toi ! » is periodically used come ask a kid to it is in quiet, and also in one adult-to-children speak there"s no difficulty using it, however in one adult-to-adult conversation it"s disrespectful as result of its imperative aspect, though the verb chin isn"t rude. « Ferme-la » is disrespectful even when talk to children, and also it"s rude anyway.

Note that also though « Tais-toi ! » deserve to be provided toward a child, there room still more respectful ways to tell it, by instance :

Pourrais-tu car taire s"il te plaît ?

Which translates to « could you please protect against talking ?`

If you desire it to sound much more like one order, adding « s"il te plaît » will make it an ext polite :