I have actually played Pokémon for countless years but have constantly struggled catching Snorlax without cheats.

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What room the best strategies to method catching both of castle in Pokémon Fire Red?

Thanks in advance.



The strategy is the same similar to every other Pokémon...

... Through the additional benefit the you deserve to see Snorlax before difficult it, an interpretation that you may save prior to waking it up, just in situation you mess up.

Use a move that reasons status conditions.

Sleep heals after ~ 2-5 turns, meaning it is guarantee to cure after 5 turns. Freeze has actually a 20% possibility of healing each turn, an interpretation that the is no guaranteed come heal, however is most likely to cure within 3 turns.

Remember the a Pokémon can only be impacted by one status condition at a time.

If girlfriend don"t have access to False Swipe, use everything damaging relocate you execute have, watch by exactly how much the Pokémon"s HP bar diminishes, and try to guess: v if using the same move again may knock the Pokémon the end or not. If the would, usage a weaker move. Repeat until you have the right to no longer reduce the Pokémon"s HP bar there is no knocking the out.

Snorlax has actually a higher SP Def than regular Defense, for this reason a Special move will carry out less damage than a physical Move, also if it has the very same Power. Because that Fire Red and also Leaf Green, unique Moves are all move of the adhering to types:WaterGrassFireIceElectricPsychicDragonDark

Remember that also if friend failed to catch the Pokémon, you have the right to just throw an additional Pokéball. Make certain you brought enough Pokéballs through you, simply in situation you"re no being lucky.

Be ready for a lengthy fight. Snorlax deserve to Rest, which place it come Sleep, yet also fully heals it. If you can reduce its HP quick enough, you could try and record it while it"s quiet sleeping. Note that Rest deserve to only be used 10 times. After that, you"ll need to put Snorlax to Sleep yourself, or usage a various status condition, prefer Paralysis.

I recommend utilizing the move Thunder Wave. Unlike moves like Hypnosis, i m sorry only has actually a 60% opportunity to put the opponent to sleep, Thunder Wave has actually 100% accuracy. Another good move is Yawn, which bypasses accuracy and is guarantee to hit, yet takes a full turn to take effect.

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Snorlax exclusively uses physics Moves, for this reason a Pokémon with high Defense is recommended.