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“Sidney , I also am vintage 1957, I"m a civil legal rights attorney whom greatly admires you and also your family members for changing the course of legitimate history. RIP. ” 2 that 24 | post by: Cathy Pattinson - Los Angeles, CA

“May God bless you and your household in this time that sorrow. ” 3 that 24 | post by: Rebbca cunningham - Madison, WI


“I great i had actually met you. Friend & ns was born in 1957. I was born top top the east shore the Va. Side off the chesapeake bay. Her parents was blessed with...ReadMore» ” 4 of 24 | posted by: Ann Young - vero beach, FL

“Your parents readjusted the constitution of the United states by your stand against and evil law.Thank You love family. Might God bless you forever. R...ReadMore» ” 5 the 24 | post by: Janalle Wallace - Tulsa, OK

“Thank you for being your son and also for letting your voice background the soul of those roughly you. ” 6 that 24 | post by: Toni Rivers - Atlanta, GA

“May God continue to be with you all, it shows up as those the root in which produced your back ground is strong. ” 7 of 24 | post by: Walter pedestrian - Indianapolis, IN

“What a beautiful story say thanks to you because that sharing it through the people and, might God be smiling through pride . ” 8 the 24 | post by: Kathy Paterson - Hutto, TX

“Saw the movie loving. And also look increase the details on the parents and children and also my heart goes out to the family however this movie to be a great movie...ReadMore» ” 9 the 24 | post by: Livinia Campbell - Southgate, MI

“You parents and also your family truly have left a legacy. God bless your souls! ” 10 of 24 | post by: Diana Denson - Nashville, TN


“Thank you for living on v the storage of your parents and their heroic job-related of the future. ” 11 that 24 | post by: Ashley Leonard - Orange, VA

“Rest in the arms of the creator good brother. I"ll never ever forget, you to be in Ms. Greene"s class and I remained in Ms. Lipscomb"s course right following door....ReadMore» ” 12 the 24 | posted by: Emery G. Saunders Jr. - NJ


“You space such an ideas to m and also my siblings, I"m also biracial and also I love your parents for bringing you right into the world. ” 13 of 24 | posted by: Jocelyn dash - Woodway, TX - pan

“I Love && miss out on U so lot ,, it"s been 1 lengthy year without. . . Keep watching end me. ” 14 the 24 | posted by: Tracy luck - Milford, VA

“I am so very sorry the I have not had actually the chance to satisfy this wonderful man. Mine group and I room celebrating Lovingday in Georgia and we have...ReadMore» ” 15 that 24 | posted by: author Cornelia Brown - Atlanta, GA

“To Peggy and the Jeter Family, our sincere condolences in the ns of your loved one. Might God bless you. ” 16 of 24 | post by: Bonita & Sherman Stewart - VA

“Our thoughts and prayers space with friend in her time that grief.May your memories carry you comfort. ” 17 of 24 | post by: Linda&Walter Cain - Richmond, VA

“Genia- Please accept my deepest heartfelt condolences because that the ns of your father. Might you and also your whole family shortly reach tranquility of mind and also ease...ReadMore» ” 18 that 24 | posted by: Jim Stanley - Glen Allen, VA

“Sidney, You will be significantly missed! You always made me laugh and were funny to it is in around. Remainder in Peace. Love, Tina ” 19 that 24 | posted by: Christina together Jeter - Woodbridge, VA

“To Peggy and family: I want to extend my heartfelt condolences come you in the loss of her brother and ask you uncover comfort in the these words taken...ReadMore» ” 20 of 24 | post by: Diane Ware Hundley - Richmond, VA

“Love you uncle Sidney R.I.P... You will be missed and not forgotten..aka futured lionel richie.Miss You, Love you ” 21 that 24 | post by: mark Loving II - Caroline, VA

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“Peggy & Family, You have actually my deepest sympathy in the loss of your brother Sidney. Everytime I witnessed him he had a smile on his face and also he was going...ReadMore» ” 22 the 24 | posted by: Jackie S. Jeter - Bowling Green, VA

“Dear Cuz, lengthy gone space the days as soon as we would go come Ferbee"s to hang out v you and watch you execute your thing "Lionel Ritchie". We, as the "Jeter...ReadMore» ” 24 of 24 | post by: Diana Jeter - King George, VA