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Rainbow Recipes

In order come revitalize Waffle Island you should rebuild the rainbows. Before you have the right to do so, you"ll need to acquire the Quilt native Hamilton. The left-side will certainly be given to you by the market after you have earned 2000 G or more. The right-side will come from addressing the clock tower in Waffle Square, which calls for you to talk to Gill, then Dale, and also finally Hamilton again in stimulate to get the Clock Tower Key.

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Once you have both pieces of the Quilt, you deserve to awaken 3 of the Harvest Sprites by sprinkling the flowers v your watering can. Ben is the blue flower near the pond in Maple Lake, Daren is the eco-friendly flower under the tree in Waffle Square, and also Allen is the red flower northeast the the animal barns at Brownie Ranch. Every sprite will give you a Rainbow Recipe, which consists of 5 different items you"ll have to collect. Friend don"t need to do each recipe one-at-a-time; girlfriend canh occupational on the very first 3 all at once.

When you have accumulated the 5 ingredients because that a finish recipe, put the item in your rucksack and also sprinkle the Harvest Sprite. It will certainly take her items, song a tiny song, and create a rainbow.

Finishing Daren"s rainbows will gain you accessibility to Gull Island, whereby you have the right to get one more recipe native the yellow Harvest Sprite, Collin.

Ben"s Recipe

Grilled eggplant - This items is only obtainable in the loss season. Girlfriend can thrive the Eggplants you yourself (285 G a bag) or simply simply buy a Perfect Eggplant from Ruth in ~ Souffle farm yard for 210 G. The next thing is to acquire the Matches from Simon"s shop because that 600 G. Then take the aubergine (any quality), the Matches, and find one of the piles of firewood, one of two people at Cream beach or the beach in Caramel flow District. Use the Matches top top the lumber to irradiate a Bonfire, and also then "use" the aubergine on the fire.

Char - The fish have the right to be located in the pond in ~ the basic of Caramel River"s waterfall.

Green Herb - these are an extremely plentiful, and you can usually discover them in Waffle Town, Praline Forest, or approximately Brownie Ranch.

Plain Omelet - There"s two methods to collection this item. You can make the cook dish yourself if you incorporate an Egg, Butter, and also the Frying Pan kitchen utensil. The easier method is to simply buy it, i beg your pardon you can do at the Spring and also Summer Flea Markets. ~ above the 22nd that the season, walk to Waffle Square and talk to Simon. You deserve to buy a plain Omelet because that 240 G.

Good Tomato - You have the right to buy Tomato Seed from Souffle Farm throughout the Summer season because that 225 G a bag. Tree the crops in her field and also take treatment of them till they produce. You need a "Good" top quality Tomato, no a "Decent", "Perfect", or "Shining". The other alternative is come wait till the loss 27 Harvest Festival, where you can buy the good Tomato indigenous Craig for 165 G.

Daren"s Recipe

Grilled Yam - This is similar to the Grilled Eggplant from Ben"s recipe. Either prosper the Yam from seed (135 G) or buy that from Souffle farm yard for 180 G, but only throughout the fall season. Climate roast it v the Bonfire. The other option is to buy the Grilled Yam native Maya because that 165 G during the Spring and also Summer Flea markets on the 22nd the the seasons.

Carp - you can find this fish in the Caramel River and also in the pond at Maple Lake.

Good Herb Fish - This cooktop recipe can be madewith any kind of herb or fish, yet the ingredients need to be worth between 300 G and also 600 G if you to be to delivery them. You have the right to use much more than 1 fish. Some suggestions are:

Salmon (240 G) + Blue Herb (70 G)Catfish (80 G) + Carp (120 G) + Carp (120 G) + environment-friendly Herb (30 G)Halibut (190 G) + Octopus (140 G) + Red Herb (50 G)

Common Seashell - you can discover the shell by looking around the beach in Caramel River district or along Cream coast in Waffle Town. The shell can appear all year long.

Apple - Besides growing your very own Apple Tree, i beg your pardon takes 50 days come grow and also only to produce fruit in the Fall, you can buy this item from Simon at the Spring and also Summer Flea sectors for 225 G. The third way to discover an apologize is come buy it from Souffle Farm during the autumn season.

Collin"s Recipe

Saury - friend can capture this fish in the s off the Waffle Island throughout the autumn or Winter season. Over there isn"t any other method to collect this ingredient.

Blue exorbitant - simple item to acquire from the mines. Look for the blue-colored crystals as you are descending under the mine floors and also smash them through your hammer. You might receive a Blue Wonderful. Several of them will have sparkles, indicating that they have the right to be sleek for a great jewel, so shot to find one that doesn"t have actually sparkles for the rainbow recipe. The sparkling ones have the right to be refined by Mira so you deserve to ship them because that gold.

Perfect Spinach - This chop can not be purchased at any festival or ship. You must thrive the rainbow ingredient yourself throughout the fall season. To buy the seed from Souffle farm for 75 G a bag. If the chop soil ~ above your farm yard is not an extremely healthy, you might additionally be able to buy some Fertilizer together well.

The fertilizer will appear at Souffle farm after you have spend at least 5000 G at their store. Buy one of two people the 1-season or 2-season fertilizer, it spins the floor in your field, put down the fertilizer, and also then put down the Spinach seeds. The chop should be all set to pick in around 5 to 6 days.

Banana - once you recreation Ben and Daren"s rainbows, the winds will certainly calm so Pascal deserve to ferry you over to Toucan Island. Top top the island you can find wild-grown Bananas or you deserve to buy one in ~ the Pineapple Inn for 150 G.

Red structure Yarn - This is an additional item you"ll have to create yourself. Friend can acquire wool indigenous sheep, which you deserve to buy from Brownie Ranch because that 4200 G. ~ a season it will be one adult, and you can clip its structure every 4 days.

You then need to acquire the Yarn Maker maker from Simon for 4500 G. The Yarn machine comes v a dice Pot to revolve your yarn different colors by utilizing flowers. Various flowers will develop different fancy dyes. You require a "red" flower, therefore the tree you will be looking for are:

Red Herb - grows wild every yearTulip - SpringHibiscus - SummerCosmos - FallRose - FallAnemone - Winter

Put the wool Yarn (any quality) right into the Dye Pot inside her barn, and then pick the red-colored flower from her rucksack when prompted.

Alan"s Recipe

Toadstool - even if you go to floor 2 of the Ganache Mine, you"ll discover this orange mushroom. This is very easy to find and will it is in in the mine every year round. Girlfriend can likewise find it about the basic of Gelato Mountain.

Wood Fish - you can"t capture this fish until 1) You have actually received the Rainbow recipe from Alan, and 2) You have to finish Ben and Daren"s recipes. The fish can be discovered in the Harvest Goddess" pond in any kind of season, in between 7:00 pm and also 5:00 am. It is an extremely rare, so friend just have to be patient and also keep trying.

If you desire to remain at the pond until the next morning, shot to bring some stay Awake or Super remain Awake with you. The potions will certainly ward turn off the drowsiness that occurs when you"ve been awake previous 6:00 am. If you don"t have actually the potions you will be stuck at a slow-walking pace and also have to drag yourself earlier home to sleep. You deserve to buy the potions native Irene in ~ the Meringue Clinic for 375 G and 525 G.

Green Bell - This item can be grown during the Winter season if girlfriend buy the seeds from the Pineapple Inn ~ above Toucan Island for 165 G each. The other method to acquire the flower seed is come buy it during the Harvest Festival on fall 27. Either way, you have actually to grow the crop yourself.

Ostonnaise - This is do by putting an Ostrich Egg into the Mayonnaise Maker. You can also buy the from the Spring and also Summer Flea markets from Maya for 480 G.

Carrot Cake - If girlfriend are right now in feather or Summer, you"ll have to make the cake you yourself by combine a Bread Fruit, Egg, Carrot, Butter, and Milk with the Oven cooking utensil. If it is currently Fall or Winter, you can buy it at the 22nd Flea industry from Elli because that 900 G.

Edge"s RecipeTuna - This big fish have the right to be captured with a level 4 or 5 fishing pole if friend are casting at full power indigenous Cream beach on Waffle Island. The other, and also easier, option is to take it Daren"s rainbow to the Gull Islands. ~ above the eastern island (the one through the Penguin) you can record the Tuna without having to usage a high-level fishing rod.

The Tuna is easily accessible in the Spring, Fall, and also Winter seasons. The weather need to be either clear or cloudy.

Snowflake Flower - throughout the Spring and also Summer seasons, you deserve to buy the flower indigenous Candace at the Flea industry for 120 G. If the is Winter, you can flourish the flower yourself by buying the seed from Souffle farm yard for 150 G, but only if the farm yard is in ~ 3-stars. If you space in the autumn season then there"s nothing you have the right to do for the moment.

Perfect Honeydew - You can buy this item from Souffle farm yard for 690 G throughout the Summer season, or friend can grow it yourself. The seeds cost 735 G every bag and you need to develop a "Perfect" crop. Utilizing Fertilizer is recommended.

Lapis Lazuli - In the Ganache (or Gelato) Mine you"ll discover blue crystals that have the right to be smashed to i found it Blue Wonderfuls. The wonderfuls friend are trying to find must have actually 1 "shine" on them. You have the right to see how countless shiny-marks a wonderful has actually by looking at it in your Rucksack.

After you collect your Blue Wonderfuls, go to Mira"s counter inside the blacksmith shop. She will certainly refine the stones and hopefully find the jewel you"re feather for.

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Red honey - girlfriend will need to thrive red-colored flowers. In the morning after the flower has actually bloomed, you might discover a small bee flying about it. If you choose the buzzing plant you"ll have actually a opportunity of acquiring Decent Honey, fancy Honey, or royal Jelly. There isn"t a guarantee the you"ll discover a punishment every morning, therefore don"t pick the flowers when they have bloomed.

The flowers you can thrive are the same as those required for the Red structure Yarn ingredient: