Konami Digital to chat GmbH has announced a magical newtitle because that Nintendo DS licensed has been granted Enchanted Folk and the college ofWizardry, due for relax Q1 2009 across Europe.

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Set in a magic school, the game involves mastering a series ofspells and also incantations in stimulate to accomplish a Magician Licence andbecome master Wizard. Come this end, the player enrolls in a specialschool where alongside over 100 fully interactive pupils, castle mustlearn and implement an essential spells and use them wisely. During thecourse that a term, however, the player is asked to resolve a series ofpuzzles through mysterious us that show up once a week transparent thegame. Doing so will certainly reward the user v extra items for use intheir magic, and contribute towards the playersadvancement.

Central to fascinating Folk and the institution of Wizardry is theversatility that the game and also its inhabitants. During the course ofthe game, players deserve to go purchase or take it up hobbies, do friendswith anyone in the school, join bands come play music together, andeven go on dates. Similarly, the institution is rife through gossip relatedto obtainable mysterious events, romance, stories amongst the pupilsand football player can also lend your character come friends in a uniqueStudy Abroad system wherein they are imported to afriends game world for tutoring and will evendiscuss their adventures on your return!

With its important immersive video game world and also adaptive gameplay every one of which is play in genuine time courtesy that the DSinternal clock fascinating Folk and also the college of Wizardry isa important magical experience. Packed with distinct items for usage inmagic, the player faces many long and also hard difficulties as theystrive to acquire the desire five-star rating that will earn theMaster magician accolade.

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Enchanted Folk and also the college of Wizardry will certainly be exit forNintendo DS in Q1, 2009. For an ext information, please call SteveMerrett in ~ Voltage PR ~ above 020 7903 5122 or email steve




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