ns was analysis this link and also I never ever saw a definite answer. One would think if you have 1000 pounds the water, and also you froze it and also weight the you would still have the exact same 1000 pounds of water once weighed at sea level. Also though over there is less movement, right?



For all valuable purposes the load will remain 1000 pounds as soon as you freeze it. In concept the massive of the water will reduce somewhat v cooling due to the fact that it will contain less power when frozen, but the result would be completely negligible.

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Although the weight will certainly be the same, water broadens in volume by about a tenth together it freezes (which is why, for example, pipes explode in icy weather). Because it is thus less dense, her frozen block that 1000 pounds that ice will certainly float ~ above water, but that is due to the fact that its volume has expanded on freezing and not because its weight has actually reduced.

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Depends on exactly how you are specifying "weight".

If you average weight as in the vector or scalar of the gravity exhilaration on one object, Marco"s answer is what friend want.

There is a third definition of weight. This is basically "what a scale measures". This definition also fits through how people typically suffer the results of weight.

If we usage that definition, then as soon as standing ~ above Earth, you can say her weight is what is countered through the normal pressure of the ground. By this definition, astronauts in orbit are also "weightless", also though castle still have mass, and gravity acting on them.

Now, when you frozen the water, the mass stays the very same (so the downward pressure $mg$ is the same); however the upwards buoyant pressure from the waiting increases, due to the enhanced volume. Due to the fact that the mass remains the same and also buoyancy increases, this method the network downward pressure of the ice cream block will reduce, and therefore it"s "weight" together measured by a range would decrease.

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In the paper definition of the Quora question, i think this third an interpretation of load is the many relevant; because it is the easiest way to measure weight, and also is frequently what a layperson thinks of once they think about "how lot does this object weigh?". This is why people will say freezing water will alleviate it"s weight.

If it were weighted in a vacuum, girlfriend wouldn"t expect to watch a detectable readjust in weight due to freezing. However vacuum problems aren"t the typical human experience, and most people don"t have access to a vacuum chamber through a range in it.