We’re being asked todetermine the result of increasing the acidityon thesolubility the the BaCO3

For an ionic compound to bemore dissolve in acidic solution, it should contain abasic ion or it is in abasic salt.

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Theacidic ions space usuallycations and include:

1.Transition metalswith acharge of +2 or higher. Transition metals no satisfying this condition areneutral.

2.Main team metalswith acharge of +3 or higher. Main team metals not satisfying this problem areneutral.

3. Amines, which are compounds the contain onlyN and H (i.e. NH­3) orC, N, and also H (i.e. CH3NH2)

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Determine whether or not BaCO3 will certainly be more soluble in acidic systems than in pure water.

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