Output i m sorry is comprised of pictures, sounds, and video clip is called.1). COM2). Difficult copy3). Graphics4). Multimedia

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1. I m sorry of the adhering to statements is true of ecological education?

2. What is the term supplied to define the procedure of program being moved back and forth between main memory and an additional memory

3. Peripheral tools such as printers and also monitors are taken into consideration to be

4. Computer users who space not computer professionals are periodically called-

5. A spooler is a(n):

6. The____________button top top the quick access Toolbar permits you come cancel your recent regulates or actions.

7. The search Companion can

8. What is name of the reasonable circuit i m sorry can add two binary digits

9. I beg your pardon keys allow the entry of numbers conveniently ?

10. We accessibility the World vast Web using:

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