Nitrogen trifluoride is a chemistry compound v chemical formula NF3. It is classified together an inorganic compound. That exists together a colorless gas having a musty odor at room temperature. The is non-flammable in nature. Numerous students may have actually a question regarding whether NF3 is polar or not. In this article, we will talk about this and also will covering its properties and applications.

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So, Is NF3 Polar or Nonpolar? NF3 is polar in nature due to the existence of lone pair on nitrogen atom causing a distorted shape of NF3 molecule and also the difference in between the electronegativity the fluorine(3.98) and nitrogen(3.04) reasons polarity in N-F bond and result in a no zero dipole moment of the entire molecule.

Nitrogen trifluoride exist in the kind of colorless gas with musty odor at the standard problems of temperature and also pressure.

It was an initial synthesized through the scientist otto Ruff in the year 1903 by the process of electrolysis of a molten mixture that hydrogen fluoride and ammonium fluoride.

It is known to it is in lesser reactive than various other halides the nitrogen favor nitrogen trichloride, nitrogen tribromide, etc.

It is manufactured straight by reacting nitrogen with fluorine and commercially it is gave in pressurized cylinders.

Nitrogen trifluoride gas is thought about as a solid greenhouse gas (causing worldwide warming).

The molecule of nitrogen trifluoride is consisted of of 1 nitrogen atom and 3 fluorine atoms. The nitrogen atom is a central atom surrounded by 3 fluorine atoms.

The molecule the NF3 consists of a complete of 8 valence electrons. Nitrogen atom consists of 5 electron in that is outermost shell and also requires 3 electrons to finish its octet.

And, Fluorine has 7 valence electrons in the outermost shell and also requires a solitary electron to finish its octet.

Accordingly, all three fluorine atom share one electron that the nitrogen atom to get stabilize leaving behind one lone pair on the nitrogen atom.

The form of the Nitrogen trifluoride is formed as trigonal pyramidal comparable to the form of the ammonia molecule(NH3).

The electronegativity that Nitrogen is 3.04 and that the fluorine is 3.98. As result of this difference, the N-F bond ensures polarity in it.

Being much more electronegative, the fluorine atom attracts the bonded electron pair slightly more towards it and also gains a partial an adverse charge.

In return, Nitrogen gains a partial positive charge top top it.

As a result, the dipole moment across al the three N-F link rises in the downwards direction towards fluorine atom. And one dipole the lone pair originates in the direction of lone pair in the upward direction.

The net dipole minute of the whole molecule transforms out to it is in 0.24 D.

What space Polar and also Nonpolar Molecules?

The molecules are hosted with the different species of interatomic pressures like ionic, covalent, metallic, and hydrogen bonds.

Covalent and also ionic bonds are the strongest amongst all the bonds.

Polar Molecules: the molecules that have non zero dipole moment are recognized as polar molecules. These molecules have unequal charge distribution on its atoms.

The covalent bond created by 2 atoms is stated to it is in polar if the atoms differ in your electronegativity.

This is because more electronegative atom attracts the bonded electron pair slightly much more towards its side and gains partial an unfavorable charge whereas various other atom profit partial confident charge.

Few examples of such molecules room OF2, NH3, CO, etc. You can inspect out the reason for the polarity that NH3.

Nonpolar Molecules: The molecules that have zero dipole minute are claimed to it is in nonpolar. The atoms within this molecules have actually equal charge circulation on them due to which no polarity occurs in them.

The 2 atoms that room covalently bonded form a nonpolar shortcut if the electronegativity the both atoms is the same.

Few instances of together molecules room PCl5, SO3, Cl2, etc. Friend can check out the reason for the non-polarity that SO3.

Why is NF3 a polar molecule?

Nitrogen trifluoride consists of 1 nitrogen and also 3 fluorine molecules the differ in their electronegativity.

The three fluorine atoms form covalent bonds through the nitrogen atom by sharing one electron the each various other to obtain stabilized.

One lone pair remains on the nitrogen atom that reasons repulsion in between lone pair and also bond pairs bring about the bent form (trigonal pyramidal) of the NF3 molecule.

As a result, the three dipoles throughout the N-F link originate in the bottom direction and one dipole originates in the direction of upward direction as result of the existence of lone pair.

The net dipole minute of the entire molecule comes out to it is in 0.24 D.

The dipole moment of a molecule procedures the degree of polarity in it.

The shape of the molecule is comparable to the of ammonia.

Factors influence polarity the a molecule

Electronegativity: The electronegativity of an atom is the strength to tempt the external inspection electron pair in the direction of its side.

In a molecule, if there is a difference between the electronegativity of two atoms climate there exists a polarity in that bond.

The polarity the a molecule is straight proportional to the difference in the electronegativity of atoms.

Dipole Moment: The dipole moment of a molecule is the measure up of that is polarity. The polarity of a molecule is directly proportional to the dipole that a molecule.

It is the product that the fee on atoms and also the distance in between them.

D = Q * R

Geometrical shape: The shape of a molecule is crucial parameter to check whether a substance is polar or not.

Generally, symmetrically shame molecules room nonpolar in nature. Whereas the asymmetrically shaped molecules often tend to be polar.

Below is the picture of the geometrical shape of the nitrogen trifluoride molecule.


Hybridization of NF3

The ax hybridization of a molecule is the ide of mix of two electrons orbitals in ~ the same power level to kind a new form of orbital.

This intermixing that orbitals is based ~ above quantum mechanics.

As disputed above, the molecule the NF3 has actually distorted pyramidal structure as such it has sp3 hybridization.

Many of friend may often mistake it to be sp2 as it has actually only 3 atoms bonded to it. Yet it should be interpreted that NF3 likewise consists the one lone pair on nitrogen atom because of which it has actually sp3 hybridization.

For comprehensive information, you should read out the write-up written on NF3 lewis structure, hybridization, molecular geometry.

Properties the NF3

It exists together a colorless gas through a musty odor in ~ the standard condition of temperature and pressure.At a temperature that 15° C and pressure that 1 atm, the thickness of this gas is 3.003 kg/m3.The molecule mass of the NF3 molecule is 71.00 g/mol.Its melting point is −207.15 °C or −340.87 °F and also its billing allude is −129.06 °C or −200.31 °F.It is taken into consideration a strong greenhouse gas ie; causes an international warming.

Uses the NF3

It is used for various commercial processes.Nitrogen fluoride substance is supplied for cleansing the PECVD chambers.This is additionally used in deuterium fluoride and hydrogen fluoride lasers.


Nitrogen trifluoride consists of 3 fluorine and 1 nitrogen atoms the differ in your electronegativity. The form of this molecule is trigonal pyramidal due to the visibility of lone pair on the nitrogen atom.

Fluorine being much more electronegative traction the external inspection electron pairs slightly much more towards the side and gains a partial an adverse charge due to which polarity rises in the molecule.

Therefore, the dipole minute of the NF3 molecule is 0.24 D that renders NF3 a polar molecule.

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Guys, if girlfriend have any questions concerning the polarity the NF3, you can ask lock in the comment section. We will certainly reach out to girlfriend as quickly as possible.