So you desire to know How to Clean A pool Filter? well you have come to the right place! A swimming pool pump filter plays an important role in any type of swimming pool. The filters the end the water in the pool.

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The pool filter hooks approximately the pipe entering your swimming pool to for sure water flows via it prior to it provides its means into the pool. With an optimally functioning water filter, you will need to mind around swimming in dirty. The best method to keep your swimming pool pump filter functioning fine is to clean it regularly.

No matter if you desire to know just how to clean a pool filter cartridge with muriatic acid, how to clean a hayward swimming pool filter, if you deserve to clean pool filter cartridge through bleach, vinegar or dish soap, we have you covered!

There room many species of pool pump filters and also it is important that girlfriend understand just how they work before cleaning them.


The Different species Of swimming pool FiltersWhy maintain Your Swimming pool Filter?Why have to You Clean Your pool Filter Yourself?Two Popular varieties Of Automatic swimming pool Cleaners

The Basics Of swimming pool Filter Cleaning

The an initial thing you require to understand on how to clean a swimming pool filter, is the there are 3 main types of commercial pool filters ~ above the market: cartridge filters, sand filters and diatomaceous earth filters (or DE filters). Us go more into this below.

With cartridge filters, it’s really easy to know when your pool requirements cleaning since the pool and also filter both gain filthy. Sand and also earth filters are a small tougher. You need to learn to read the push gauge of the filter to know when your pool requirements cleaning together cleaning too much can conveniently deteriorate filters, a failure which countless pool owners make as soon as they very first undertake the “joys” of self pool filter cleaning.

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Don"t desire to learn exactly how to clean a swimming pool filter? The BLASTER automatically Filter Cleaner automatically rotates her swimming swimming pool or spa cartridge filter while PowerJets spray concentrated water come clean the filter pleats.

Its distinct horizontal design allows dirt and also debris to quickly fall indigenous the filter, avoiding the lodging the occurs in upright cleaning. The BLASTER is completely automatic! just put your filter on, revolve on the water and it does the rest. The Blaster cleans most filters in minutes.

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The Different species Of pool Filters


Before you read just how to clean a pool filter, you need to know the different pool filter types. There room three major types of swimming pool pump filters:

Sand Filters

Sand filters room increasingly ending up being popular together a good mid-range filter option. They space shaped favor a sphere or a big cylinder and usually sit alongside the pool. The part of the filter is the tank filled v sand.

The pump pushes water via the sand which climate removes any kind of contaminants in the water. Sand filters are appropriate for the above-ground swimming pools, but they can also be provided with pop-up swimming pools.

Cartridge Filters

These filter have fabric or file cartridge put inside the filter house. They are uncovered behind the display or flap in the wall surface of your pool. They space affordable and easy come clean. The only shortcoming of cartridge filter is the they may permit some contaminants to pass right into your pool.

Diatomaceous earth Filters (DE Filters)

They are the most effective yet expensive swimming pool filters today. Castle resemble sand filters on the outside, and aid you eliminate all contaminants in the water.

Required swimming pool Filter cleaning Equipment

All three varieties of pool filters more or much less use the exact same list that cleaning devices with a couple of exceptions here and there. Make sure you have actually the items mentioned listed below ready prior to you make any kind of attempt come clean a pool filter:

GlovesScrewdriversWrenchGarden water tap (straight nozzle)Large bath tub (for cartridge filters)Plastic cup (for sand filters)Plastic bath tub (for earth filters)Extra cartridge (for cartridge and DE filters)Extra sand (for sand filters)

While you may not need every one of these tools, its precious while having them top top hand just in case!


No issue what type of filter you using, constantly turn turn off the pump before removing the filters and also precisely monitor the manufacturer’s instructions. Swimming pool filters can be really sensitive, and also are conveniently damaged if tackled in the not correct manner.Wash the filter optimal down with the garden hose very closely at a 45 level angle, completely washing the spaces in between the pleats that the filters. Rinse and also repeat till all visible dirt and detritus has been removed.In instance of cartridge filters, dive the filter overnight in a systems of one cup trisodium phosphate (TSP) and also one cup laundry detergent if the chlorine level in the swimming pool is also high. If a cartridge filter is coated through algae and also slime, the same method applies using muriatic acid instead of TSP.When cleaning cartridge filters, constantly have a replacement cartridge handy or the cleaning procedure might stretch up to 2 days.Always store an eye top top the push gauge because that sand and DE filters. Too lot pressure buildup can ruin the filter gadgets easily, especially when it involves DE filters, which should be checked at least once a week.Cartridge filters should be readjusted on a yearly basis.The sand in sand filters is very long lasting and only requirements to be readjusted once every pair of years under the line. Yet the sand levels must be confirm every 2 months and be replenished if the sand levels have actually reduced.DE filters should be checked at the begin of every summer come ensure every little thing is in place.There also some other warning indications that represent when that time come clean your pool various other than the above mentioned methods. In instance of cartridge filters if there are noises in the filter lines, it’s probably a very good idea to clean the filter immediately. As soon as it comes to sand filters, sand piling up at the bottom of the pool is a solid warning to clean filters as well. Because that DE filters, the swimming pool water can grow brown and murky if yes sir anything wrong.Learn to check out the filter pressure gauges. The manufacturer’s instructions must provide relatively easy to follow instructions for your gauge, and also the appropriate pressures for proper functioning.

How to Clean A swimming pool Filter action By Step


Cleaning a pool pump filter is easy and takes about an hour come complete. Follow these an important steps while cleaning her sand pool pump filter:

Step 1:Switch off the pump and also filter. Where feasible shut off the breaker that controls and unplug them indigenous the strength source.

Step 2: move the backwash valve top top the filter come the backwash position. Clamp the backwash hose to the water outlet ~ above the filter and fully unwind it.

Step 3: turn the filter and pump top top again. Friend will notification eater coming out of the backlash valve. Wait for the wait to clear and also the switch turn off the pump and filter as soon as again.

Step 4: Return the backwash handle earlier to the normal position prior to gathering up the hose. Ensure you north the water tap off any type of water that may be inside.

Step 5: switch the pump and also filter on before opening the waiting relief valve ~ above the filter. Once the water comes out generally switch the valve off.

Step 6: eliminate the manifold inside the filter. Be careful not to break any kind of of the fingers. Use a tiny cup to eliminate the sand, till you can conveniently remove the filter.

Step 7: Rinse the end the within of the filter using the garden so regarding get rid of the remaining sand

Step 8: put the sand ago the filter, be certain to monitor the user hands-on to know how much sand to include so regarding get the filter come the appropriate pressure.

Step 9: ar the filter to the right position and fill the tank with sand around a 3rd full before putting the manifolds earlier into place.

Step 10: After filling the tank, backwash the again. ~ backwashing the tank with brand-new sand, you will be prepared to go. Permit the filter to cycle for fifty percent an hour before using the swimming swimming pool again.

Save Money By cleaning Your own Pool Filter

Now you recognize what that takes on just how to clean a pool filter. Swimming pool filter cleaning could seem choose a complicated process as soon as you first set the end to take treatment of the project yourself. But similar to any basic home maintain task, it’s a an extremely easy way to save money down the road.


Don’t get intimidated. Thousands of other pool owners throughout the country have figured it out, so why can not you? The combination of your manufacturer’s instructions, the tips in this article, (and possibly a YouTube video or two) should turn you into a pool filter cleaning agree in no time.

A swimming pool filter plays critical role in any swimming pool. It clears dirt and also debris native the water flowing into the pool. To keep your swimming pool filter to work optimally, you have to ensure it is cleaned regularly. How frequently you must clean her pool relies on the condition of the water and also the kind of filter. Pool Filter Cleaner Homemade.

The best way to know if your water filter is clogged is to inspect the pressure reading on the gauge. If the press rises by about 10 psi, climate you must clean the filter immediately. As soon as it pertains to cleaning your swimming pool filter, that recommendable that you usage the best swimming pool filter cleaning solution.

Why keep Your Swimming swimming pool Filter?

There are numerous reasons why you have to clean and also maintain your swimming pool filter. Several of the major reasons include:

Maintain the Aesthetic look at of her Pool

Clean water renders your swimming swimming pool to have actually an aesthetically pleasing appearance. This is vital for you and the guest who desire to use it.

Keep Your pool Operating follow to the Law

In some areas, the regulation requires the you keep a specified amount of filtration. Thus, you will be break the legislation if you allow your filter to come to be dirty. This regulation protects human being from contracting waterborne diseases. Thus, maintaining the swimming pool clean protects you and also your neighbors.

Keep the pool Operating Properly and Safely

Many pools will not operate at all when the filter is clogged and also even if lock will, they do not role optimally. Dirt and also debris if no removed deserve to be unsafe and damaging come your swimming pool water pipes and also filter. The is have the right to be i have lot of money to change all your pool water pipes and pump.

Why should You Clean Your pool Filter Yourself?

While you can still hire the services of a qualified pool technician to clean her filter and also maintain the pool, there are plenty of reasons why you need to learn how to clean a swimming pool filter by doing that yourself. However, if you have difficulties doing these work on your own, then it is still advisable that you hire an expert. We know you"re a tiny DIY, it is why you desire to know how to clean a pool filter. Below are few of the main benefits of act a clean you should clean the filter yourself.

Save Money

Cleaning your swimming pool filter on regular basis helps to prolong to increase its lifetime. You absolutely do not have to replace your filter every time it gets dirty, you can clean and use the again. This will help you to conserve a far-ranging amount of money.

Avoid the Hassles the Scheduling Appointments

You perform not need to depend on who else’s schedule to clean your very own filter. As quickly as it gets dirty, clean it yourself to conserve time, inconveniences and money. That course, if girlfriend don"t want to know how to clean a swimming pool filter, girlfriend can always call a swimming pool expert.

Learn just how Your pool Functions

It’s constantly a great idea to learn exactly how your swimming swimming pool works. By learn how to clean a swimming pool filter and replacing your pool filter yourself, you will learn just how the pool works little by bit. Later, you be able to fix difficulties that arise.

To clean your pool filters well, you require to have the best pool filter cleaner systems on the market. There are plenty of cleaning options for filter today. That is vital that you choose a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for your filter.

Note the you cannot use a regular cartridge filter cleaner come clean a sand filter. Go for the ideal filter cleaning systems in bespeak to acquire optimal results.

Pool filters can get damaged early to constant usage and also this is currently treated as among the most essential pool troubles. If this problem does not obtain resolved as shortly as possible, climate you might challenge dreadful consequences.

At the very least two time cleaning in a year is compelled so that the filters have the right to be preserved carefully. SpecializedPool Filter Cleaneris being used for make the functions served in an efficient manner. The totality pool device will get adversely influenced by method of dirty filters.

Pool water will additionally become dirty and clouded due to unclean filters. Moreover, algae can get arisen in your swimming pool from dirty filter. Swimming pool pump and also heater will additionally get badly affected by the same. Filter cartridges can obtain damaged due to dirty swimming pool filters.

Should You usage Automatic Cleaners for A Dirty pool Filter?

If you desire to eliminate stubborn wastes the your pool filter, climate nothing deserve to be the best option various other than using any kind of automatic cleaner. Exactly how to clean a pool filter? immediately thats how!. Dedicated automated technology has been presented so the the filters deserve to be cleaned with great ease and also convenience.

Moreover, the cleaning process can be highly assisted in by the use of this cleaners. This sort of swimming pool filter cleaner is quite advanced and the is pretty various from the of the other traditional models.

Pool filter is just one of the main pool accessories and also thus you need to use automatic cleaner for fulfilling the function of filter cleaning. Push cleaner and vacuum cleaner space the two many popular types of filter cleaners.

Both these cleaners can remove debris or stubborn wastes in the most reliable manner. Rapid cleaning have the right to be facilitated and also not a solitary trace that dirt will certainly be found after the clean procedure is over. This cleaners have the right to be provided easily and also no manual power is essential for operation them.

These cleaners room equipped through special hoses so that acute suction pressure deserve to be created and this sort of press is very needed because that cleaning the dust on filter surfaces with ease. This type of cleaning procedure comes under robotic mechanism of cleaning and also it has actually got unique features. The wastes room being sucked from filter bags automatically.

These cleaners space far better than DIY methods. DIY methods for cleaning swimming pool filters are really much hectic and might result into unsatisfied consequences but in this instance guaranteed cleaning have the right to be got for sure.

Two Popular types Of Automatic swimming pool Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners space much into demands these days and you deserve to take the decision of gaining the very same so that the swimming pool filter deserve to be extensively cleaned. In many of the cases, loosened particles the wastes have the right to be easily and efficiently cleaned by method of this cleaners.

These cleaners have got various models and also you can pick the powerful model so the both loose and stubborn wastes from swimming pool filters have the right to be quickly extracted. In-built dust-bags are discovered within these cleaners where the wastes space being deposited after the extraction process is over. Plenty of popular electronic devices brands are currently dealing through this kind of Pool Filter Cleanerhaving automated technology.

These cleaners re fitted with powerful suction mechanisms. First, the cleaning solutions are being spread and then v the usage of this suction system those options are extracted together with the hidden wastes or debris of the filter.

Preassure Washers

Pressure washers are another most an important and well-known automatic cleaners that deserve to be used for cleaning turn off dirty swimming pool filters. These washers are mainly forced washing purposes and this washing involves in-depth cleaning of swimming pool filters.

Mechanical sprayers are discovered within these cleaners and they are utilized for removing the toughest wastes that are sticky in nature prefer grease, oils and others. Sometimes, mould class can likewise be eliminated by the usage of these automatically cleaners.

Different safety and security instructions are to be adhered to for using these cleaners and also in this respect you can receive ideal guidance native the experts. In most of the cases, they room being it is provided by electrical power so the the job of cleaning can be speedily performed. Also if the garbage layers room quite thick then likewise you can get absolutely positive results by making use of these type of advanced filter cleaners.

How come Clean A swimming pool Filter Conclusion

So currently you know just how to clean a pool filter! Owning your own pool is the perfect mix the fun and also frustration. On one hand, you and your household can always relax and have funny dipping in the water on a warm summer day. Top top the upper and lower reversal side, over there is the whole matter of preserving the swimming pool itself and also keeping it clean.

But maintenance prices can it is in hefty and also sometimes having actually the right expert at your side can be problematic due to scheduling issues. The best method to get over these instances is by finding out to clean the pool filter on your own.

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Though that a complicated job, this short article will give pro tips for swimming pool filter cleaning and the straightforward rundown the the different components and also steps you must follow come clean various kinds of swimming pool filters. This is our selection for one automatic swimming pool filter cleaner.

If you found this article on exactly how to clean a pool filter helpful, then leave a comment below. We would certainly love to hear native you!