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Aslan is the “King of the Wood and Son of the Great Emperor Beyond the Sea” (Robinette, 27). He is a lion who is the King of Narnia. Aslan is part of a prophecy that claims he will return to Narnia and winter will be no more. The White Witch is his enemy since she controls winter in Narnia, and doesn’t want the prophecy to come true. Alsan tends to get other people to do his dirty deeds for him, like in the case of getting Peter to fight Fenris Ulf. But Aslan is a very noble and brave character, ultimately sacrificing himself for the good of Narnia.

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White Witch

Image ⓒ Pauline Baynes

The White Witch, who tells everyone that she is the Queen of Narnia, is the villain in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. She is a magical being who uses her powers to keep Narnia in a constant state of winter but denies the creatures of Narnia Christmas. She has the power to ‘freeze’ other things and beings. In doing this, she has created a garden of statues in her castle. The White Witch doesn’t want the prophecy to come true because that would mean that she would not be the Queen anymore. She does everything in her power to stop the children and Aslan from taking over Narnia but is defeated in the end.


Lucy is the youngest of all of her siblings. Lucy is very trusting and naive. When she and her siblings arrive at the house in the country, she is the only one interested in checking out the wardrobe. Lucy is the first child to arrive in Narnia, meeting Tumnus the Faun. She trusts him almost immediately, even concerned for his safety after she knows that he had originally planned to take her to The White Witch. Along with being very trusting, Lucy is also very clever. She understands that the Elf that visits them is not The White Witch’s assistant, the Dwarf. Lucy figures out before any of her older siblings that Father Christmas has arrived. Father Christmas gives Lucy a cordial filled with fire-flower, which is to help heal those who are injured, as well as a dagger to protect herself.


Edmund is the youngest boy in his family, only older than his sister Lucy. In the prologue, Edmund would rather explore outside than stay inside the house in the country. He is the second of the children to go into Narnia, but is too nervous to leave from the lamppost while Lucy looks for Tumnus. Edmund is the first to meet the White Witch and is put under her curse when she gives him Turkish Delight, his favorite sweet. Because of the curse put on Edmund, he is set on reaching the White Witch’s castle and bringing his siblings along with him. Eventually, the Witch’s curse fades and he joins with him siblings, but not before almost being killed by the White Witch.


Susan is the oldest girl in her family, only younger than her brother Peter. Susan favors looking through the books in the library in the prologue of the play. When she first enters Narnia through the wardrobe, she immediately wants to go back on through the wardrobe and back home. When Father Christmas arrives, he gives Susan a quiver of arrows and a bow, as well as a hunting horn. He mentions that the horn is only for when she is in trouble. She joins with her siblings to help fight the White Witch’s army and become the new royalty in Narnia.


Peter is the oldest of the human children. In the prologue, Peter is interested in looking at the swords and suits of armor in the country home that they have been sent to. This foreshadows what happens with Peter when he goes to Narnia. Once in Narnia, Peter teases Susan about being scared. When Father Christmas arrives, he gives Peter a sword and shield. Peter later uses these tools to fight and defeat Fenris Ulf.

Mr. Beaver

Mr. Beaver is one of the creatures of Narnia. He is a grumpy fellow who dislikes the cold weather of Narnia, even though Narnia has been cold his entire lifetime. He is originally hesitant to help the human children, thinking that they would be scared of him. But he does end up finding the children and bringing them to safety in the home he shares with his wife, Mrs. Beaver. Mr. Beaver is the one to tell the children the entire prophecy and what their part in all of it is.

 Mrs. Beaver

Mrs. Beaver is the wife of Mr. Beaver, but very different from him. She is friendly and optimistic, always believing that things will eventually get better and Christmas will come. She makes the decision to hide the children from the White Witch and bring them to Aslan when he arrives. She and her husband eventually join with the children and Aslan to fight the Witch’s army.


Another one of the creatures of Narnia, he is featured at the beginning of the play. He chases after the White Stag, sure that if he manages to catch it that it will bring him good fortune. The Unicorn, along with the Centaur, is too scared to approach the children about protecting them because he thinks he will scare them away.


The Centaur, another creature of Narnia, preaches to the other creatures that they need to have faith that Aslan will return, even though he has not been seen for many years. He encourages that they all pray for the King’s return. Eventually, the Centaur happily brings news of King Aslan’s return to Narnia.


Image ⓒ Pauline Baynes

Tumnus the Faun is a creature of Narnia who has gotten himself caught up with the White Witch. He is forced by Fenris Ulf to stand guard at the lamppost just incase any human children enter Narnia. Tumnus is not a naturally bad creature, so when Lucy comes into Narnia, he is unsure whether or not to bring her to the White Witch. Finally, he decides not to, and lets her get away back through the wardrobe. Unfortunately, Tumnus is caught by Fenris Ulf and taken away to the Witch’s castle. At the castle, she turns him into a statue. That is where is stays until Aslan eventually saves him. At the end of the play, Tumnus retrieves the crowns from Cair Paravel and brings them to the battlefield so the children can be officially crowned as the leaders of Narnia.

 Fenris Ulf

Fenris Ulf is a creature of Narnia who works directly for the White Witch. He is the Captain of the Queen’s Secret Police, a title which he takes very seriously. Fenris is not a nice creature, acting like a bully to all of the other creature of Narnia except the White Witch. He catches Tumnus letting Lucy go, and captures him to bring him back to the Queen. He even has Tumnus’s home destroyed for his act of treason. Eventually, Aslan has Peter fight Fenris and Peter wins. Fenris crawls away into the forest and tells the Witch that all of the children are with Aslan before dying.


The Dwarf is the direct assistant to the White Witch and part of her army that fights Aslan.

 Father Christmas

Father Christmas is the one to bring Christmas to the creatures of Narnia, something he had been unable to do for a long time because of the Witch’s powers. Since the return of Aslan, he has felt stronger, and is again able to make his rounds to give everyone a present for Christmas. He fixes Mr. Beaver’s dam, gives a new sewing machine to Mrs. Beaver, and gives valuable gifts to each of the children.


The Elf is the assistant to Father Christmas, helping him to deliver his gifts to everyone in Narnia. He visits the children at Mr. and Mrs. Beaver’s house. At first, everyone but Lucy believes that he is the Dwarf that works for the White Witch and that they have been caught.

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 White Stag

The White Stag is another creature of Narnia, but one that never speaks. The Stag is said to bring luck to those who catch it, which the Unicorn attempts to do in the beginning of the play. At the end of the play, the Stag leads the children back to the lamppost after they have spent years in Narnia.