Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his wife, Candice, joined"s Meredith Land for an to exclude, interview recently. Below are some highlights:

On whether they want an ext children

Meredith Land: execute you see more kids in your future? Tony requirements a girl.

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Candice Romo: Tony"s like, "I want five kids." and also I"m like, "Uhmmm, well you can have them." But, yeah, we"ll have actually one more at least.

On what attractive Tony come Candice

Tony Romo: part of what attracted me to Candice was because she"s comparable to me. Inherently, we"re homebodies who like family. We go top top vacation, us take she parents, us take mine. And also that"s fun. Enjoyable. Nobody loves she family, her husband, her youngsters more. At the very same time, no one functions harder.

On miscellaneous fans may not know around Tony

Candice Romo: He"s an extremely loyal. Like, his finest friends were his finest friends from farming up in elementary school and also especially native college. And also they every live here in Dallas. They come down here with Tony. They spend Easter through us and Christmas and holidays.

Tony Romo: If there"s one point that having kids has taught me, it"s the you really can have the exact same environment and also they deserve to be two fully different kids. It"s great though. Lock love various things. They have actually a tiny different personalities. They"re sweet boys. They"re really fun to it is in around. Yet one simply loves LEGOs.

Candice Romo: Hawkins, ours 4-year-old loves LEGOS.

Tony Romo: prefer he wakes up and he"s excited. "Did you obtain me new LEGOs yet?"

Candice Romo: We"re prefer "No, it"s not your birthday." also when he to be 2, he to be doing puzzles and LEGOs. We"re law T-ball appropriate now, however we"re not certain he"ll it is in super right into sports or not. However our younger one, Rivers, our 2-year-old the end of the womb want a ball, desires to play football, desires to beat basketball. He"s favor a miniature Tony.

On faith

Tony Romo: I"m lucky to love other bigger than myself, obviously, in the Lord. Ns think that"s one easy way for me to get through every the turbulent patches that go top top in life.

Candice Romo: i think there is no faith and the hope of something after ~ this life the it would certainly be a lot more difficult to gain through the season.

On Tony"s relationship with Jerry Jones

Tony Romo: Whenever I"ve referred to as him for any type of advice or anything, he"s constantly been there. He"s an extremely honest. He"s therefore supportive. It"d be prefer a dad who"s just constantly supported you and also rooted for you. He needs to make challenging decisions in ~ the same time. I"m in basic spot. I"m the player; I acquire to go play and everything. But he"s got to try and build an organization. Yes, really the entire Jones family, but obviously Gene and Jerry have actually been very special come us. I think they"ve ... They"ve just meant a lot, the method that lock interact, go the end of the way.

Candice Romo: and also they don"t have actually to. Lock don"t need to like, be together loving and also supporting of us as castle are. I think that"s something the people also don"t see about the Joneses.

Tony Romo: They"re as providing of world as I"ve been around.

On what it means to it is in the Cowboys quarterback

Meredith Land: Did you ever before dream you"d be where you room today?

Tony Romo: Yeah, ns did ... I"m kidding. Friend don"t think the far. Girlfriend wanna play football. Friend wanna beat in the NFL. Just kind that engross myself in that, try to number out just how to be great enough to help this football team now.

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