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I have a 4 motor coffee roaster the the electric motors are rated 208v and I have actually 240v. After running the device for a while the breakers in the panel shut the motors off. What would you imply for a quick fix? There room 3 1/2 hp and 1 3/4hp motor in this mix...I think over there is a 30 amp circuit. You re welcome help!
Ther space possibly an ext problems than you are conscious of: the 208V motor sound slike a us specification, while 240V sounds choose UK. US gives are 60Hz, while UK space 50Hz. A motor is designed because that a details ratio that voltage and frequency. For 208V
60Hz the ratio is 3.46V/Hz. In ~ 240V and also 50Hz the ratio is 4.8V/Hz. The proportion is figured out by the winding design and can"t be quickly changed. If you operation at a V/Hz ratio higher than design, the motor draws a big magnetising current due to the fact that the stator iron magnetically saturates. Even if you have 240V 60Hz the above will still apply, although the boost in V/Hz over architecture is smaller.You really need to get the exactly motor because that the supply, back you might theoretically use a reduced voltage supply and also keep V/Hz exactly IF the motor is no working level out.

----------------------------------If we learn from ours mistakes,I"m gaining a good education!
Thanks Scotty,The supply and motor are both united state 60hzThe supply being 240v solitary phase and the motors 208v solitary phase.So the proportion being 4.0 V/Hz rather of 3.46 V/Hz would be enough to trip the overload switches in the panel?The electric motors seem to be running yes, really hot.Bob
If the motors are single voltage 208V (there are also dual voltage motors), their usage at 240V, a 15% overvoltage, will reason overloading and overheating the the motor.Your finest bet would certainly be to get a buck/boost transformer associated in buck mode to fall the 240V down to something lot closer to 208V.
I agree with davidbeach the motor is most likely over-excited and operating in saturation.I think you require to earlier up and also get the motor full load amps from each nameplate and an initial make sure your basic circuit size and breaker size is adequate.Then look right into a little autotransformer come buck her voltage under to miscellaneous closer come 208V.These are accessible from all major electrical equipment manufacturers, including GE, Cutler-Hammer (Eaton!) and also SquareD (Groupe Schneider!!).If the motors do not have integrated thermal protection, you should make sure they space adequately protected versus overload by individual heat overload devices.If you"re feeding much more than one engine from a panelboard breaker, the motors might not it is in adequately protected.But on the other hands, electric motors are designed to operation HOT.The old electrician"s dominance was to hold your hand ~ above the motor and also see if you can count to 10 before you have to move your hand.I might use few of that coffee this morning...
UPDATE,As I created the original write-up in an agitated state in ~ 3am, i went ago to the drawing board and found the motors were 208/220, therefore I called up the roaster mfg and they claimed they set the overload switches short at the factory, and also had me change them,up about 5%, now all is well.Thank you every for your very kind posts!
I was just going to indicate that, ethical I was... Glad you acquired it operated out. And what did we all find out today? Don"t puzzle on solving difficulties at 3AM. Every looks fingerprint after a an excellent night"s sleep. "Our virtues and also our failings room inseparable, choose force and also matter. As soon as they separate, man is no more."Nikola Tesla
Just an fyi to scottyuk we have actually 3 straightforward voltages here in the says 480/277v 3-phase (4-wire 3-ungroundedconductors and also one grounded conductor) this transforms under to 208/120v 3-phase (4-wire 3-ungroundedconductors and one grounded conductor). Then on our small commercial and residential locations we have 120/240v3-phase again (4-wire 3-ungrounded conductors and one base conductor. And also 120/240 solitary phase through 2 ungrounded conductors and also one grounded conductor.
dwftx34,Thanks because that the note. I regularly forget that you have actually the 120/240 1-phase supply. The US seems to have actually an amazing absence of standardisation contrasted to Europe - and also the us is one country! ----------------------------------If we discover from ours mistakes,I"m gaining a good education!
ScottyUK,No the us is 50 different sovereign states unified by a common constitution. Most of lock came into existance at various times, using various standards, and often contending with one another. There are even an ext variations that voltages 보다 what dfxtx34 mentioned, however somehow we manage.We once had a monarchy that would have actually insisted that everything be compatible, however we eliminated it a lengthy time ago... "Our virtues and our failings room inseparable, prefer force and also matter. When they separate, male is no more."Nikola Tesla
jraef,At danger of taking points off into the weeds, how much freedom from main government perform the individual states have? ----------------------------------If we find out from our mistakes,I"m obtaining a good education!

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scottyuk:As for technological regulations and also buildig code, every state is an extremely inddependent in the USA, back they might rely ~ above somewhat common standards, however each state worries its own experienced license. Now its obtaining increasingly cumbersome to get licence bysimply reciporcity, that ns sif you have professinal licence in one state, various other would not just worry one, for this reason easily.As for regulations for crime etc. Goes, well there is no location to hide in the USA in general.Also many of the electric inventions and "standards" were emerged or first applied in the USA, through GE and Westinghouse....although with time some became much more common and well welcomed standards, but any type of standards that were "invented" make the efforts or tested stays in pockets or older installations in the USA. Whereby are various other coutries that just followed had luxury of picking just the ideal "standards" because that themselves, so they have less clutter..