Guinea pig pregnant is an interesting time, and you more than likely can’t wait for your piggy’s brand-new pups come arrive.

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However, if you’ve never cared for a pregnant guinea pig and her babies, you can understandably be a small nervous.

Expecting cavies need a couple of alterations to their care and diet, therefore you must make sure you offer your pet everything she needs to have actually healthy babies and a stress-free pregnancy, especially throughout the job leading as much as the intended due date.

As who who has gone through rather a couple of guinea pig pregnancies over the years, I’ve got a most experience as soon as it concerns looking ~ guinea pig mothers and babies.

If she not too sure just how to care for pregnant guinea pigs and also newborn pups, check out on.

I’ll it is in diving into all the things you need to know around guinea pig pregnancy.

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How can You phone call if a Guinea Pig Is Pregnant?


The average litter dimension for a cavy is 3.

Guinea pigs can have 1 to 8 pups in your litter, yet sows going through their an initial pregnancy often tend to have actually smaller litters of in between 2 come 4 babies.

The average litter size for a cavy is 3.

After pregnancy – job Aftercare

A mrs guinea pig will certainly usually deal with labor and also delivery there is no assistance.

She will give birth to her pups, wash them down, chew off your umbilical cords, and immediately begin to treatment for them.

However, if your guinea pig has a large litter, she might be a little bit too tired to care for she pups right away.

Assisting your Pet

In this scenario, you can help her out by removing the bear sac indigenous the baby’s head and also body.

Use a soft, clean towel to do this and also be really gentle.

If your sow hasn’t already done so, reduced the pup’s umbilical cord through a sterilized pair of scissors.

Delicately obstacle the pup’s back to check whether lock breathing, and then position them close to their mother.


If your guinea pig hasn’t eaten the placentas of she pups, you can remove these, as well as other soiled bedding therefore she can treatment for her babies.

Pregnancy and delivery space taxing on her guinea pig’s body, so help her restore her strength and also care for her pups by giving vegetables and also some treats.

Alfalfa hay is also good for the mother and also pups as it has a lot of calcium.

Baby Guinea Pig Care

When deserve to You Touch a Guinea Pigs Baby?

It’s encourage to wait at the very least a week prior to touching newborn guinea pig pups.

After this, you can start to manage them – but do so incredibly gently as they are very fragile.

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Don’t organize the pups for also long, specifically if the mom starts to acquire agitated.