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Picture this. Your microwave is on the fritz. You have a plate of yummy leftovers from her cook-a-thon the vault night, yet they’re cold.

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You’re starving, however cold food simply does not sound appetizing. In ~ all.

What execute you do? It’s already on the plate. DEFCON 1 EMERGENCY!

Maybe that’s a small dramatic…

But really, you begin to wonder if possibly you can just heat up the stove quick and throw your plate in there because that a couple of minutes. Is the a possibility?

I’m not certain I would, personally, yet it really counts on the plate and also how hot the range is.

When Is It for sure to put a key in the Oven?

Well, most brand-new dishware will have actually a symbol or words on the back of the plate stating the it is range safe if the is. If not, you’ll need to go based on the form of material that the plate is make of.

1 – Plastic or Melamine


Though it may seem fairly obvious, plastic and also melamine plates room an absolute no for putting in the oven. Plastic melts at a relatively low temperature, and also you would certainly just have a chaos on her hands.

Not just would it reason a mess, yet the fumes from melt plastic could certainly irritate her lungs, and also you could be releasing harmful chemicals into the air.

2 – Metal

If her plate is metal, whether it’s stainless steel, cast iron, or even coated with enamel, it is safe to go in the oven.

You will desire to take great caution as soon as removing it from the oven, together it will certainly be very hot. Law it as you would a sheet pan, and use hot pads.

3 – Ceramic


Ceramic plates can withstand a low temp oven, yet be mindful that if over there is anything done to that post-firing, such together branding or printing, you will certainly run the danger of points coming off your plate right into your food.

You will also want come be careful when taking this the end of the oven. It will be very hot, and a plate would be much more an overwhelming to lift the end of the cooktop than a pan or sheet.

4 – Glass

Glass is tricky. If it have the right to be for sure up to specific temperatures in the oven, it has the tendency to be extremely susceptible to heat shock.

Thermal shock is as soon as there is one abrupt readjust in temperature, and also different parts of the item increase or contract at various speeds. This can reason the thing to cracked or break.

Glass can avoid thermal shock come an extent by gift tempered. Tempering glass permits it to stand up to the readjust in temperature, though it is not always foolproof. Over there are absolutely still part instances wherein tempered glass have the right to break.

How deserve to I usage a plate in the Oven?


If you are still interested in using a plate in the oven, it would most likely be finest to keep the temperature relatively low. Do the efforts to chef using a plate in ~ temperatures above 250 levels is more than likely a poor idea.

In stimulate to keep your temperature lower, setup on leaving the bowl of food in over there a fair little longer 보다 you would in a microwave. It’s going to take much longer in the range than a microwave anyways, simply as result of the distinctions in how the two appliances work.

Should i Really use a bowl in the Oven?

In all reality, no, you probably shouldn’t. If it may be for sure at part temperatures and with some species of plates, over there are threats involved, consisting of the bowl breaking.

If you space desperate because that some warmth food, and also you don’t have actually a microwave, friend will probably be much better off if you carry the food to a baking food or the like.

Either way, please be safe once using stove and items that space not especially meant to walk in the oven. No one likes clean up damaged dishes!


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