“Blessed space they which execute hunger and thirst ~ righteousness: for they shall be filled” — Matthew 5:6

What go it mean to hunger and also thirst after righteousness?

First, what is righteousness? Righteousness way right standing with God, doing the will certainly of God.

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Then, what does it typical to hunger and thirst?

To hunger and thirst average to have a solid desire or craving. That the same means you feel hungry and also thirsty for physically food and water so additionally you feeling hungry and thirsty for spiritual things.

Unfortunately, many believers don’t identify spiritual hunger and thirst and they try to fulfill that with worldly means.

Some loyalty think obtaining salvation it’s every that matter — that way when castle accepted and also confessed that Jesus is the Lord and saviour, then that’s it.

They likewise believe the kingdom of God is theirs to inherit without any type of other responsibility on your part, they say, “Everything is by oh my gosh grace and not by my works.” that’s true, but they‘re absent out ~ above something follow to the indigenous of Jesus self in Matthew;

But seek very first the kingdom that God and also His righteousness,” — Matthew 6:33a

Jesus said, seek first the Kingdom AND His righteousness. Being conserved as believers is just seeking the first part(seeking the kingdom) however what around the other part — seeking His righteousness?

The holy bible verse above isn’t a conditional statement — If that was, the conjunction native “OR” would have been used instead of “AND”. The usage of “And” method both are equally important.

Most believers focus on the “seeking the kingdom of God” component and revolve a blind eye to the “seeking oh my god righteousness” part.

It’s crucial to note, these commands were do by Jesus to His disciples and the Jews and also not come pagans — It method they currently accepted Jesus and also followed that like many believers nowadays. Accepting Jesus is no enough, you additionally need to look for His righteousness as He commands.

On the other hand, some believers think righteousness is met for God alone, they prefer to quote this holy bible verse;

“There is no one righteous, not even one.” — Romans 3:10

That verse is definitely true, but they quote that out of context and miss the allude of the message. Truly, no man is righteous by himself or by maintaining the regulation — Jesus never said “be righteous on her own”, just God can lead friend on that as confessed by David;

“He travel guide me in the courses of righteousness” — Psalm 23:3



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Jesus fully understands that only God deserve to fulfil her desire because that righteousness, however you’ve to look for it first.

Sadly, numerous believers look for after worldly things than godly things, castle hunger and also thirst for jobs, house, spouse, businesses etc. Jesus clearly told united state not to worry around those points in Matthew 6:31–32;

Therefore carry out not worry, saying, what shall we eat?’ or what shall us drink?’ or what shall us wear?’ for after every these points the Gentiles seek. For her heavenly father knows that you require all these things.”

Yes, her heavenly knows you require all this things and He likewise knows worldly points will never provide you complete satisfaction.

Haven’t girlfriend heard around people who seem they obtained it all(from the outside) and are still heavily depressed and miserable? and also you wonder why?

This is since true fulfilment only originates from the best standing v God and nothing rather — every other thing (worldly things) are simply a bonus.

“…and all these things shall be added to you.” — Matthew 6:33b

Importantly, no believer will go into the kingdom the God if castle don’t have actually the “desired’ righteousness of God. Jesus stated in Matthew 5:20;

For i say to you, that unless your justice exceeds the justice of the scribes and also Pharisees, you will by no way enter the kingdom of heaven.”

This verse is important due to the fact that many loyalty think the being religious — it is going to church weekly and actively engaging in spiritual activities method an action of justice (these are kind of justice practised by the Pharisees — hypocritical).

The following question on your mind may be, “How carry out you seek the righteousness that surpasses the Pharisees?”

As we have actually mentioned earlier you need to truly hunger and also thirst for it, which way you have to desire and crave because that it before you can acquire filled v it.

Then, exactly how do girlfriend crave or desire righteousness?

Simple! with the study and obeying the instructions in the Scriptures(word that God) as written in Timothy 3:16;

“All scripture is offered by motivation of God, and also is lucrative for doctrine, because that reproof, for correction, because that instruction in righteousness.”

Note that, friend can’t simply study the bibles without act what it says — that method there is no difference in between you and the Pharisees Jesus advert to. In fact, the Pharisees and also scribes were experienced in studying the native of God yet they nothing obey it.

Therefore, Obedience to the word is vital as composed in James 1–21–22;

“…humbly accept words planted in you, which have the right to save you. Do not merely listen come the word, and so cheat yourselves. Carry out what the says.”

Finally, one sure method to understand believers who space born the Christ is by your act of righteousness together professed by John;

“If you recognize that he is righteous, you recognize that anyone who techniques righteousness is born the Him.” — 1 john 2:29.

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Also, note that those who room filled through the righteousness of God space merciful.