Guys,I"ve been putting out the 40oz peanut butter jars nailed come the trees and I"m having pretty good luck. Where have the right to I to buy the 5 gallon buckets that peanut butter so i can collection up a larger feeder?Thanks!


Talk to the males at abc Blanching in Fitzgerald, Ga. Ns think they had some in ~ one time. Castle may might produce whatever you wanted from the waste. I recognize they offer it in 55 gallon drums. A shovel, part old buckets and have youself a great "ol time. Please post pictures.

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Sysco (company the sells food come restaurants) tote 5 lb containers the come 6 come a case. Don"t understand the expense though.
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Deer. Make the efforts to obtain some pictures of the deer on our home so we have the right to see approx how plenty of does and also bucks we have so we deserve to plant the appropriate amount of food for them.

PicsMan ns gotta watch this, I have actually heard the attracting bigfoots or is the bigfeets or possibly bigfetusis?
have not heard of this because that deer though, clear it works or u wouldn"t it is in asking around the peanut butter. Display us what u r doing, perform they eat it right out that the bucket? Imagine the protein they room getting!! C"mon and share you excellent let the cat the end of the bag.I deserve to just listen my mam now, "what in the heck r u buying all of that peanut butter for"? when I tell her she will certainly really struggle the roof !!Thx
Headin out
You guys gained me for this reason excited I"m leavin work early to acquire some dang peanut butter. I"m invernessgangshow.netna shot Sam"s society there bound to have large jars !!Thx
I deserve to see the news reports in the next couple of weeks...."Mysterious demand for peanut butter in Georgia has grocers struggling to save up. CIA investigating a feasible link to Al Quaida plan to develop a vast peanut butter bomb."Instead the watching for snakes in the woods I"m going to need to make certain I don"t action in some peanut butter this summer!LOL!
To try to get an ext trail camera pics that deer, we started smearing peanut butter on tree trunks & logs & weeds, but we obtained covered increase in coons eating it every up rather of deer. Also, the 설 설 ate it up real poor too. We did not favor wasting TC battery power on stinking coons & squirrels. Wonder just how much a 55 gallon north of peanut butter would cost?
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Wonder how numerous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you might make from 55 gallons of peanut butter ?Squirrels and also Coons do love that too, and some birds !
we open up the jar and run several screws v the lid and on come the horizontal section of a tree - around 3 feet turn off of the ground. Screw the jar ago on to the lid and then reduced a tiny hole in what to be the bottom that the jar - on the portion of the jar that is closest come the ground. It provides a drip that sorts and they will lick it turn off of the jar and also off the the ground. This is exactly how you train deer come respect an electrical fence - wtih strips the tin silver paper smeared v PB - castle lick the PB on the tin foil - acquire a shock and leave that alone. Jim
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peanut butter
Smooth or extra crunchy??? It need to take part more huge crackers to put this much peanut butter on. Hahahahaha
Several year ago,when ns was functioning in Albany,there was a pawn shop that specialized in archery equipment and also they sold peanut butter in what ns think was 50 lb.blocks.Don"t mental where precisely it was,maybe someone on below will understand where ns am talking about.
it is amazing how well the works. You will have coons eating out of it regardless, therefore be ready to secure that good. Us ve had coons rip the slap downa nd mr knows were it finished up
Talk come the men at abc Blanching in Fitzgerald, Ga. Ns think they had actually some in ~ one time. Castle may can produce every little thing you wanted from the waste. I recognize they offer it in 55 gallon drums. A shovel, some old buckets and have youself a great "ol time. Please post pictures.
I had actually a girlfriend who provided to get the "wash out" once they cleaned. However he was told the were not making it end there anymore. He to be feeding it to his dogs.can any kind of one confirm/deny the standing of acquiring some in Fitz? would certainly love a call so ns can get somebear
I might have to shot some of these things....But talking to the game warden around my method of conserving my peanut butter for sandwiches is a different tail....

talked to a buddy of mine"s wife now - he works for a food distributor... 5 lb container is $7.64 and also 6 of the 5 lb containers is $44.83 (not much of a break, if friend ask me - but, whatever). Ns am invernessgangshow.netna acquire a instance - 30 lbs of peanut butter sounds prefer a LOT... Just not sure exactly how to use it... I have a plot i am invernessgangshow.netna keep videotaped off til around 2 weeks before the season, so ns am no going come put any there - might put some out in locations that carry out not encourage them to visit the plot (yet, the is....)I to be in Columbia SC if anyone desires me to obtain them a case. No invernessgangshow.netna mark it increase - but I am no invernessgangshow.netna walk to UPS and also ship it, though. Many thanks -
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Couple the years back we got a couple of (12) 55 gal north of the to feed the wild hogs. One drum was around 600 lbs. They loved all however one barrel. That was part spicy combined PB. We placed out cameras and also didn"t gain one photo of a deer eating any kind of of it.
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