Bleach is among the few chemicals that shed their energetic ingredient end time. The won’t matter whether you have actually opened the party or not.

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Bleach Freeze

The primary factor that determines exactly how long your home or pool bleach will remain energetic is the temperature. As well low temperature or scorching weather can make her bleach to shed power.

Therefore, that is would only make feeling to understand at what temperature this product freezes. Right here we will certainly look at that and also even an ext about bleach.

What is the Freezing point of Bleach?

Many people ask whether their bleach will certainly freeze when left near the pool (above ground pool and inground swim pool) throughout the cold days, and also if so, in ~ what temperature would that occur. Yes, we deserve to confirm that it walk freeze.

But what us cannot say through certainty is in ~ what temperature because of various reasons, including:

Chlorine Content

The chlorine content of her bleach will identify the temperature it will freeze. Because that instance, if girlfriend think around a party of residence bleach, climate it will start to solidify at about 19 levels F.


Besides, the freezing allude will likewise be impacted by the windchill if the party is left outside your home. In short, any kind of long ax cold will start to change your product when you leaving it at temperature of 19 levels F.

Type the Bleach

Another variable that will influence how your bleach will freeze is the type of bleach you have. For example, bleach v 10% salt Hypochlorite will start to freeze at a temperature the 7 degrees F.

A product with 5% salt Hypochlorite will start to solidify at a temperature the 20 degrees F. Together you can see, the an ext water her bleach has, the much less likely it will freeze at high temperatures.

Maximize your Bleach Life

If you desire your bleach come remain energetic for long, you need to store it effectively by preventing freezing and also hot conditions. That means storing your product within a room in her house.

Such a place will have a steady room temperature contrasted to storing the in your garage or an exterior store. Also, store it in an opaque party – execute not switch her bleach come a clean container because it will certainly be exposed to the sunlight and also will begin to degrade.

Like all other hazardous material, you have to ensure the you save it away from pets and also kids. It is likewise advisable to keep it far from your family members cleaning items since it reacts with some of them to develop toxic fumes.

How lengthy Does Bleach Last?

The shelf life the a party of bleach is shown on the label. V that said, your bleach will certainly be highly energetic for the first six month if you save it the appropriate way.

You can also use it for about nine months. Take into consideration replacing a bottle that is older than one year.

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Final Words

You should know the chlorine content of her bleach come ensure the you keep it the appropriate way. Usually speaking, bleach will start to freeze as soon as it access time 19 levels F.