If you wish to find any kind of term (also known as the nth term) in the arithmetic sequence, the arithmetic sequence formula should help you to execute so. The an essential step is to have the ability to identify or extract recognized values from the problem that will at some point be substituted right into the formula itself.

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When you’re done through this lesson, friend may check out my other lesson around the Arithmetic collection Formula.

Let’s begin by assessing the essential parts of the formula:

Parts that the Arithmetic sequence Formula



largea_n = the term the you desire to find

largea_1 = an initial term in the sequence

largen = the term position (ex: for fifth term, n = 5 )

larged = usual difference of any type of pair of continually or nearby numbers

Let’s placed this formula in action!

Examples of just how to use the Arithmetic sequence Formula

Example 1: discover the 35th hatchet in the arithmetic sequence 3, 9, 15, 21, …

There space three things required in order to find the 35th term making use of the formula:

the very first term ( a_1)the typical difference between consecutive terms (d)and the term place (n)

From the provided sequence, we can easily read off the first term and also common difference. The term place is just the n value in the n^th term, thus in the 35^th term, n=35.


Therefore, the well-known values that we will substitute in the arithmetic formula are


So the solution to finding the absent term is,


Example 2: discover the 125th hatchet in the arithmetic sequence 4, −1, −6, −11, …

This arithmetic sequence has actually the first term a_1 = 4, and a typical difference of −5.


Since we want to uncover the 125th term, the n value would be n=125. The following are the well-known values we will certainly plug into the formula:

The missing term in the sequence is calculate as,

Example 3: If one term in the arithmetic sequence is a_21 = - 17and the common difference is d = - 3. Discover the following:

a) compose a dominion that have the right to find any kind of term in the sequence.

b) find the twelfth term ( a_12 ) and eighty-second term ( a_82 ) term.

Solution to part a)

Because we know a term in the succession which is a_21 = - 17 and the usual difference d = - 3, the only absent value in the formula which us can easily solve is the first term, a_1.

Since we found a_1 = 43 and also we recognize d = - 3, the dominion to find any type of term in the succession is

How carry out we really understand if the preeminence is correct? What i would perform is verify it with the given information in the trouble that a_21 = - 17.

So us ask ourselves, what is a_21 = ?

We already know the prize though but we desire to watch if the ascendancy would offer us −17.

Since a_1 = 43, n=21 and also d = - 3, we substitute these values into the formula climate simplify.

Which that does! Great.

Solution to part b)

To prize the second component of the problem, use the ascendancy that we uncovered in component a) i m sorry is

Here space the calculations side-by-side.

Example 4: provided two terms in the arithmetic sequence, a_5 = - 8 and a_25 = 72;

a) create a ascendancy that can find any kind of term in the sequence.

b) discover the 100th hatchet ( a_100 ).

Solution to part a)

The trouble tells us that there is one arithmetic sequence v two recognized terms which are a_5 = - 8 and a_25 = 72. The first step is to usage the information of each term and substitute its value in the arithmetic formula. We have actually two terms so we will carry out it twice.

This is wonderful due to the fact that we have actually two equations and also two unknown variables. We deserve to solve this system of straight equations one of two people by the Substitution method or remove Method. You need to agree that the Elimination technique is the much better choice for this.

Place the two equations on optimal of each various other while aligning the similar terms.

We can get rid of the term a1by multiplying Equation # 1 through the number −1 and adding them together.

Since we currently know the value of among the two missing unknowns which is d = 4, it is currently easy to find the various other value. Us can discover the worth of a_1 by substituting the worth of d on any kind of of the two equations. Because that this, let’s usage Equation #1.

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After understanding the worths of both the very first term ( a_1 ) and also the usual difference ( d ), us can finally write the basic formula that the sequence.

Solution to component b)

To discover the 100th hatchet ( a_100 ) that the sequence, usage the formula discovered in part a)

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