Purpose: The purpose of this laboratory is because that you to explore amoebas, a form of protist, and also to know their anatomy.

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Copy the information below into your background section on her worksheet.Today we will be observing an biology classified as a protist. A protist is any eukaryote that cannot it is in classified as a plant, animal, or fungus. There space several species of protists. We will certainly be learning around three species of protists: protozoans, algae, and also decomposers. In this laboratory you will certainly be observing a form of protist referred to as a protozoan. A protozoan is a protist the is similar to one animal. Every protozoans space heterotrophs and also hunt or find for their food.One way protozoans space classified into teams is by just how they move. In general, there space three ways protozoans move: by pseudopods, through cilia, or through flagella.The protozoa you will certainly observe this day is dubbed the amoeba. One amoeba is unicellular and moves by utilizing pseudopods. A pseudopod is a momentary bulge that creates in the cabinet membrane as a an outcome of the motion of the cytoplasm. The word pseduopod means "false foot." The pseudopod has two functions, or uses: 1. To move, 2. To capture food. The picture below shows an instance of a pseudopod in one amoeba. (Note: in the picture the cytoplasm is dubbed the "plasmasol" and also the cell membrane is dubbed the "plasma membrane.") due to the fact that the amoeba uses pseudopods to move and capture food, the is classified as a sarcodine. A sarcodine is a protozoan that offers pseudopods.

Example of a pseudopod in one amoeba. Source: http://www2.estrellamountain.edu/faculty/farabee/biobk/BioBookDiversity_3.html
The video below shows exactly how the amoeba moves. Again, the amoeba move by using its pseudopods. By advertise the cytoplasm in one direction, it pressures the cell to move into that direction.Observe the movement of the amoeba in the video below. Draw what it looks favor at 0 seconds, 15 seconds, and also 30 seconds. Draw an arrow on each of your images indicating whereby the cytoplasm is moving.

The amoeba has numerous easily determined parts. First, locate the nucleus. It is one in shape, darker in color, and also appears to have actually a unstable surface. Just as in other cells we have actually studied, the cell nucleus is the control center of the cell; it includes the hereditary information (DNA). Girlfriend should likewise be able to see another large, clean circle (on the left). This is the contractile vacuole. The contractile vacuole collects water the enters the cell from osmosis. It temporarily stores water prior to removing the from the cell. Observing a live specimen, you deserve to see the contractile vacuole expand and also contract together it filling with and also removes water!You"ll likewise be able to watch food vacuoles. The food vacuoles save food particles because that the amoeba. In the picture below, they appear in a greenish color. The eco-friendly organisms the the amoeba fed on are referred to as chlorella. The outer component of the amoeba is the cabinet membrane.

Label the diagram listed below with the adhering to parts: cell membrane, contractile vacuole, food vacuole, nucleus, and also pseudopod.

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How is the amoeba an example of one organism? (Hint: think the the qualities all living things have actually in common.)How would certainly you divide an amoeba: animal-like, plant-like, or fungus-like? Why? support your answer with evidence.Research exactly how amoeba reproduce and summarize her findings.