___________ gland has attributes as component of the endocrine device by secreting a hormone that attributes as part of the endocrine and also immune systems.

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The hormone _________ works through the parathyroid hormone come decrease calcium level in the blood and tissues.
The advancement of the male an additional sex characteristics is engendered by the hormone ____________.
Diabetes MELLITAS is a group of diseases characterized by defects in insulin production, use secretion, insulin action, or both.
The problem known as ___________ is defined by abnormally high concentration of calcium turn in the blood instead of being stored in the bones.
The 4 ____________ glands, every of which is around the dimension of a serial of rice, are embedded in the posterior surface ar of the thyroid gland.
A/An _____________ is a bright tumor that the pituitary gland that reasons it to produce to lot prolactin.
The two major hormones secreted by the thyroid gland are triiodothyronine (T3) and also ___________(T4).
a pheochromocytoma is a rare, benign tumor that the adrenal gland that reasons too lot release that epinephrine and norepinephrine.
during his parenting studies, rodney milne learned that the _________ hormone helps manage blood pressure by to reduce the amount of water that is excreted with the kidneys.
Eduardo Chavez complained of being thirsty all the time. His doctor provided this too much thirst ~ above his chart as ___________.
Mrs. Wei"s symptoms include chronic, worsening fatigue, muscle weakness, lose of appetite, and also weight loss since her adrenal glands perform not produce enough cortisol. Her doctor diagnosed this condition as ____________.
linda cutting board was diagnosed as having a/an _____________. This is a light tumor that the kidnize that reasons hypoglycemia by secreting insulin.
Patrick Edward has actually the autoimmune disorder well-known as _________ in which the body"s very own antibodies attack and also destroy the cell of the thyroid gland.
because Joe Dean"s can be fried goal was to swimming in the olympics, he to be tempted to make illegal usage of ___________ steroids to boost his strength and muscle mass.
Holly Yates was surprised to find out that ___________, i beg your pardon is a hormone secreted through fat cells, travel to the mind and controls the balance that food intake and also energy expenditure.
as a result of a congenital absence of thyroid secretion, the Vaughn-Eames son suffers native _________, which is a problem or arrested physical and also mental development.
Ray Grovernor is excessively tall and large. This condition, which was caused by extreme secretion of development hormone prior to puberty, is well-known as _____________.
Rosita DeAngelis forced the operation removal of her pancreas. The medical term because that this procedure is a/an ______________.
hormones dubbed _____ are produced and also released through neurons in the brain, rather than by the endocrine glands, and delivered to organ and tissues v the bloodstream.
A/An _________ is a slow-growing, bright tumor of the pituiutary gland that is a to work tumor (secreting hormones) or a nonfunctioning tumor (not secreting hormones).

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_________ disease, i m sorry is one autoimmune disorder resulted in by hyperthyroidism, is often defined by goiter, exopthalmos, or both.