There space no student-copy masters associated with this collection of lessons. These are teacher led lessons with student participating by making use of the globe in little groups. A globe is the just accurate way to examine the entirety Earth. A globe has not distortion. Shape, size, distance and direction room all shown accurately top top a globe. The advantage of the world is that it promotes intuitive accuracy. Students have to use a globe frequently if they space to form accurate psychological maps. The benefit of the human being map is the you deserve to see the entire people at one time. The disadvantage is that civilization maps distort shape, size, distance, and also direction. That is really important that students recognize the differences between a globe and also a civilization map. The following series of exercises will show some of this differences. The students must be close to a globe. The teacher will require a people map. In ~ the end of this great the student should be able to describe details examples the the benefits of the globe when contrasted to the people map.

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Matching the world with the Map

Have the students place their globe in the reversible mounting, which gives the students v a clear view of the globe.

Shape Differences

Pull down the human being map and also circle Africa. Organize the world so the Africa is dealing with the class and position the globe so that Africa is in front of, and slightly below, Africa on the world map. Carry out they look at similar? comment on how the globe and the map room alike and how they are different. Now circle the part of Antarctica displayed on the map and also compare this come Antarctica ~ above the globe.

Continue to compare the various shapes together they show up on the world with a people map. Emphasize the principle of "thinking globally." The world is accurate. The people map is not.

Do us think Flat?

If students often tend to think if countries in Europe and also Asia together being east or west of them they might be reasoning "flat". A an excellent way to present spherical reasoning is to have actually the students predict what is the contrary (on the various other side that the globe.) each time a location is mentioned have actually the college student find and also circle the location on the map. Using the map first, have actually them guess what is the contrary the adhering to locations. Then execute the same using the globe. The correct answers are:

Name of Continent & certain Location & Opposite

1. Antarctica -The Arctic s 2. Phibìc America (Chicago, USA) -The Indian Ocean, Southwest of Perth, Australia 3. Australia (Perth, Australia) -Near Halifax, Nova Scotia, eastern coastline of Canada 4. South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina) -North the Shanghai, China 5. Europe (Paris, France) -Near Wellington, brand-new Zealand 6. Asia (Kabul, Afghanistan) -The southern Pacific 7. Africa (Kinshasa, Zaire) -Near the center of the Pacific Ocean

Circle Chicago and Bombay, India top top the map. Have actually the students attract a line in between these 2 points. The line need to represent what lock think would be the shortest distance between these two locations. Do the very same thing utilizing a globe. The shortest street on the world would it is in to travel throughout the Arctic Ocean. Compare the differences. The globe shows the most direct route.

Next circle, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Sydney, Australia on the world map. Have actually the students draw a line that they think would present the most direct route between these 2 locations. Now do the exact same thing using the globe. The shortest distance would certainly be to take trip over Antarctica.

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Compare Sizes

Globes present correct size. Maps execute not. Utilizing the world map circle Greenland and also circle the country of Sudan in Africa. Questioning the students i beg your pardon is the largest. Have actually the students circle the very same two nations on the globe. Sudan is larger. The area of Sudan is 967,494 sq. Mi. (2,175,600 sq. Km.). Greenland is 840,000 sq. Mi. (2,175,600 sq. Km.) Maps distort size as well as shape.