Captain James T. Kirk’s father — the late George Kirk — will certainly probably attribute in the following big-budget Star Trek cinematic adventure, however time travel could not actually lug the two together. And if kris Hemsworth is no reprising his function as James Kirk’s father via time travel or flashback, it’s feasible that Hemsworth could be play Jim Kirk’s brother.

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When MTV inquiry actor chris Hemsworth if the elder Kirk will accomplish his boy (Chris Pine) via time travel or an alternating dimension the said, “I honestly don’t know.” together reported widely, Hemsworth has been enthusiastic around the ide for Star Trek 4 speak what J.J. Abrams pitched him because that the story to be “amazing.”

Obviously, the details the what this means probably won’t pertained to light until at the very least the first interview through screenwriters Simon Pegg and Doug Jung or a trailer. Yet if time travel isn’t involved, that news may assist assuage fears the the Kelvin Timeline Star Trek films might create yet one more divergent dimension, this time where George Kirk lives, again.

Still, the July press release native Skydance and also Paramount pictures seemed to check Hemsworth to be returning as Kirk’s father, reading: “In the next installment that the epic room adventure, chris Pine’s Captain Kirk will cross routes with a man he never had actually a possibility to meet, but whose legacy has actually haunted him since the job he to be born: his father.”

In the original Star Trek, George Kirk Sr. Was not featured in any episode or film, despite James T. Kirk’s brother George Samuel Kirk Jr. Was very briefly glimpsed (as a corpse) in the episode “Operation-Annihilate!” famously play by a mustachioed wilhelm Shatner. Captain Kirk referred to his brothers by his center name “Sam,” in this timeline, when their shared father to be only developed in media outside of the shows or films. Vonda McIntyre’s novel Enterprise is the very first time James Kirk’s dad was developed as being called “George,” while the 2009 film was the first time the was created canonically.

So, George “Sam” Kirk is James Kirk’s enlarge brother. When there to be plans to encompass George Kirk Jr. In the 2009 J.J. Abrams Star Trek, those scenes were adjusted to stop confusion. (The character ended up being “Johnny” in the ultimately cut.) Presumably, James T. Kirk that the Kelvin Timeline still has an larger brother named George Samuel Kirk Jr. Similar to his prime Universe counterpart did. Because if the doesn’t have actually a brother, climate that means the Kelvin timeline in reality diverges prior to Nero reflects up indigenous the future that the prime Universe. And, if George Jr. Go exist in the Kelvin Universe, it begs the question as to why he no on the USS Kelvin v his father and pregnant mother Winona Kirk when it was destroyed in 2233.

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Could Star Trek 4 retcon all of this? because if George Kirk Sr. Is no traveling through time in Star Trek 4 to meet his boy James, then perhaps Chris Hemsworth is play his other son, George “Sam” Kirk Jr. Of course, the basic explanation there is no time travel and mystery brothers way Chris Hemsworth is showing up in flashbacks only, before George Sr.’s death.