By Steve BeauregardWith intriguing, hilarious real-life characters, Pawn Stars has nearly taken end the background Channel, and also its popularity appears to have no end.If she a huge fan of the show like i am, a expedition to the store, otherwise well-known as the yellow & Sliver Pawn Shop, is a definite must-do during your following trip to las Vegas.The world famous pawn shop is situated appropriate on S. Ras Vegas Boulevard. While las Vegas Boulevard is additionally the name for the ras Vegas Strip, the Pawn Stars shop is technically no on the Strip.

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The Pawn Stars save is right on las Vegas BoulevardThe Pawn Stars save is ideal on las Vegas Boulevard
Instead, it’s located on that approximately three mile big of road from the piece to Fremont Street in old downtown ras Vegas.It’s estimated that as much as 5,000 human being per work visit the gold & silver- Pawn shop come either catch a glimpse of the reality present stars, examine out the well known digs they watched each main on TV, or to also (and this is a concept) purchase or pawn something.

Pawn Stars Shop Location

When you space driving indigenous the strip to Fremont Street, you’ll find the Pawn Stars Shop top top the right side the the busy las Vegas Boulevard. The official address is as follows:Pawn Stars ras Vegas Address713 S. Las Vegas BlvdLas Vegas, NV. 89101Phone: (702) 385-7912It’s located on the eastern side of las Vegas Boulevard, between Gass Avenue and Garces Avenue. There room parking lots both south and north the the shop for you come park in. The south parking lot will certainly be acquainted to viewers, together that is frequently where haggling takes location when a seller has actually a automobile or motorcycle. It’s also the scene of a the majority of the pre-haggling and post-haggling interviews with customers.(The black color star is the Pawn Stars shop. Violet is downtown Fremont Street when the yellow star to represent the center of the ras Vegas Strip)

Please note that these parking areas get pack quickly and spaces are difficult to come by. You should recognize that large trucks and oversized vehicles aren’t permitted to park there.If the Pawn Stars parking lots gain filled, there is another complimentary parking many directly throughout the street, along Garces. You’ll view it best behind a huge kiosk marketing Las vegas tours.In enhancement to this Pawn Stars parking lots, there are parking spaces ~ above Garces you could use. I cannot vouch because that the safety of the area roughly the shop in ~ night, but I feeling comfortable there throughout the middle of the day.In general, the area is somewhat sketchy. Directly throughout the street native the yellow & silver Pawn Shop’s parking lot is what looks prefer a gas terminal turned into sleazy, run down adult shop dubbed “Showgirl Video.” Distance indigenous the strip to the Pawn Stars ShopThe street from the ras Vegas strip to the Pawn Stars keep varies depending upon where ~ above the piece you are, but I would certainly not take into consideration it be in ~ walking distance – not since of the distance, however rather due to the fact that of the shop’s rougher location.The south finish of the piece is fairly a ways from the store.MGM grand to Pawn Stars, because that example, is 4.7 miles and would take it you one hour and also ½ come walk it, when staying top top the piece the whole way.The center Strip properties space a small easier, however still not walkable. Caesars royal residence or the Flamingo to the gold & Sliver, for example, would certainly still be 3.6 miles and take you simply over one hour that walking.North piece properties like Circus Circus, the Wynn, and also Venetian are still over 2 ½ miles from Pawn Stars and virtually an hour walk.The Stratosphere Hotel and also Casino is the closest piece resort to Pawn Stars, and also the 1.2 mile walk would take you about ½ hour.Distance native Downtown Fremont Street to the Pawn Stars StoreIt’s .6 miles from Fremont Street in old downtown ras Vegas come the yellow & silver Pawn Shop.Despite the short distance however, i personally i will not ~ walk it because (A) The area roughly the Pawn Stars store isn’t great, and (B) The las Vegas warm is brutal.If girlfriend do select to go there, the would only be about a 15 minute walk.A far better option would certainly be to journey or take it the bus…Bus from Fremont Street Downtown to Pawn StarsIt’s simply an 8 minute bus ride indigenous Fremont Street to the pawn shop. The easy, tourist-friendly ras Vegas bus device is called the Deuce.You’ll desire to gain on the Deuce in ~ the far east end that the Fremont Street experience, at las Vegas Boulevard. The actual prevent is by the Neonopolis shopping complex.From there, it’s eight minute to the Hoover bus stop, i m sorry is whereby you’ll desire to acquire off. The Deuce will certainly drive previous the pawn shop, then protect against a tiny down the road. From the Hoover bus stop, the Pawn Stars save is simply a block’s walk north, on the other side of las Vegas Boulevard.Alternatively, you can get turn off at an earlier bus stop, dubbed the “Clark” stop. It’s just a 2 minute bus ride come this stop. Indigenous there, the a 5 minute walk to the yellow & silver Pawn Shop.Note that if you take the SDX (Strip/Downtown Express), you’ll obtain on and also off in ~ a different spot. You’ll hop ~ above the SDX at Binions, best off of the Fremont Street endure on Casino facility Drive.You’ll want to gain off in ~ the Bonneville Transit Center. Indigenous there, you’ll walk 4/10ths that a mile eastern on Garces Avenue to the pawn shop.Bus native the ras Vegas strip to Pawn StarsWhether you room taking the Deuce, or the SDX bus native the Strip in the direction of downtown come the Pawn Stars store, you’ll want to get off at the Bonneville Transit center at Garces, climate walk the 5 minute stroll east to the store. There is no closer avoid on las Vegas Boulevard.Bike come Pawn Stars shopIf you select to use the las Vegas bike-share program, (called “RTC bicycle Share”) you’ll discover a return terminal right external the store’s parking lot.No matter how you acquire there, a visit come the human being Famous yellow & silver- Pawn keep is a must-do for anyone that is a huge fan the the show.

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(Photo courtesy of Wilson Hui via Flickr).