Firstly, we will have to calculate the number of moles. To perform this, we make use of the ideal gas equation

PV = nRT

n = PV/RT

The parameters have the adhering to values according to the question:

P = 780mmHg, we transform this come pascal.

760mHG = 101325pa

780mmHg = xpa

x = (780 * 101325)/760 = 103,991 Pa

V= 400ml = 0.4L

T = 135C = 135 + 273.15 = 408.15K

n = ?

R = 8314.463LPa/K.mol

Substituting this values right into the equation yields the following:

n = (103991 * 0.4)/(8314.463 * 408.15)

= 0.012 mole

Now we understand 1 mole consists of 6.02 * 10^23 molecules, hinvernessgangshow.netce, 0.012moles will contain = 0.012 * 6.02 * 10^23 = 7.38 * 10^21 molecule

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e-lub <12.9K>6 month ago
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Answer: The number of molecules in the container are



To calculation the mole of gas, we usage the equation by right gas i m sorry follows:



P = push of the gas = 780 mmHg

V = Volume the the gas = 400.0 mL = 0.4 together (Conversion factor: 1 together = 1000 mL)

T = Temperature the the gas =

K=408K" alt="135^oC=<135+273>K=408K" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

R = Gas constant =


n = number of moles of gas = ?

Putting values in over equation, we get:


According come mole concept:

1 mole that a compound includes

variety of molecules

So, 0.01226 mole of gas will contain =

variety of molecules

Hinvernessgangshow.netce, the variety of molecules in the container space


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