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I have a emotion i may have blown this fuse. I have actually a 1985 6.2 Suburban the fuse located in that panel under by the motorists feet? Or is that in a crate in the engine compartment somewhere?

no crate in the engine compartment, there is a fuse in ~ the panel by your foot. Light plug power comes straight from alt with a hefty wire. Fused strength goes to the relay. What are you seeing when you rotate the key? fuse, relay or temp sensor can be at fault
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Well, glow plug light refuses come come on, whatever else is an excellent though. Yet it is about 75 her this evening in socal, and it does it seems ~ t have trouble comes on in warmer weather

wiring chart .. Http://"t see a fuse listed, but one i looked at showed one. The temp sensor is in the behind of the passenger head, looks exact same as fast idle temp sensor. Either that failed, the relay/controller itself failed, or no power. Commonly its the relay or no power,,, or ,, the lightbulb ~ above dash burnt out
6.2l Jimmy :woohoo: , being restored,4" lift, 35 mudders 1993 W350 5.9 :cbadge:, custom stretched cab, duelly flatdeck2001 VW TDI Jetta 4 door loaded 2001 VW TDI Golf 2 door swapped engine project​
6.2 FAQ"s and also ANSWERS Click below My restoration Thread Click right here Alberta charcoal Roller Member #2 :canada:

The high present side the the light plug device does not have a replaceable fuse indigenous the factory. The stock system uses fusible links. Check for power at the battery next of the bright plug relay. If you have actually no power there you"ve gained a blown fusible link. The fusible link is incorporated into the cable itself. They look like tiny black inline fuse holders somewhat. To inspect them tenderness tug in ~ the wires whereby they get in the fusible link. If they relocate the the attach has failure internally due to a short somewheres causing it to execute it"s job and burn out and save your truck from burning to the ground.Never remove the fusible link from the circuit. If the link is blown you have to replace it with the appropriate size attach again come regain security in the circuit.
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You know what, im really worn down of messing with this light plus issue, ns think ns going to effort to download a manual one.

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its beside the muffler bearing under the squirrel cage the runs the home window wipers.....if that is 75 deg and also the motor is hot/warm it can not come on in ~ all. If the engine is cold climate yes u should acquire power. The gp bypass is a good choice.
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