2. What is data redundancy, and also which qualities of the record system have the right to lead to it?

3. What is data independence, and why is it lacking in document systems?

4. What is a DBMS, and what room its functions?

5. Define why the price of ownership might be reduced with a cloud database than v a traditional, firm database.


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1. Define each of the adhering to terms:a. Datab. Fieldc. Recordd. File Data: space raw facts. The word raw  indicates that the facts have actually not yet beenprocessed to reveal their meaning. Data are the building blocks of information.Field: A personality or team of characters (alphabetic or numeric) that has a specificmeaning. A field is supplied to define and store data.Record: A logically connected collection of one or much more fields that describes a person,place, or thing.File: A collection of related records. 2. What is data redundancy, and which features of the document system canlead come it? Data redundancy exists once the same data room stored unnecessarily in ~ differentplaces. The attributes of the file system which bring about data redundancy area) Data inconsistency: exists once different and conflicting versions that the samedata appear  in various places. Because that example, intend you adjust an agent’s phone number or deal with in the agent file. If friend forget to do correspondingchanges in the customer file, the papers contain various data for the sameagent. Reports will yield inconsistent results that depend on which version of thedata is used.b) Data anomaly: A data anomaly develops when not every one of the required changes inthe redundant data space made successfully.Update anomalies: If certified dealer Leah F. Hahn has a brand-new phone number, that number must be entered in each that the CUSTOMER record records in i beg your pardon Ms. Hahn’s phone call number is shown. In a large file system, together a change might occur inhundreds or even thousands the records. Clearly, the potential for datainconsistencies is great.Insertion anomalies: If just the CUSTOMER record existed, to include a brand-new agent, youwould also add a dummy customer data entry come reflect the brand-new agent’s addition. Again, the potential for creating data inconsistencies would certainly be great.Deletion anomalies: If friend delete the customers, girlfriend will additionally delete agent data.Clearly, this is not desirable. 2.

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Data redundancy:
The data redundancy wake up in the database once one or more copies that data...