It's -13. x and also / take priority over + and -, so you could compose it as 3-(3x6)+2, which is 3-18+2, so -13. Wolframalpha confirms that too

Also, left->appropriate is done instead of right->left. After multiplication is done, you are left with 3-18+2, if you did it right->left you would have 3-20, whereas left->appropriate provides us (-15)+2, which is correct.

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I've viewed some civilization on Facebook case the answer is 17. How are they gaining that? I have the right to understand the answer being -13, 0, or 2.

The world on Facebook are wrong and don't understand also order of operations. -13 is the only correct answer.

They're perdeveloping PEMDAS in strictly that order (i.e. enhancement prior to subtraction) instead of (P) (E) (MD) (AS) as it should be, wbelow addition and subtraction happen left-to-right in the exact same phase.

So they initially percreate the multiplication, giving 3 - 18 + 2, then they percreate the enhancement, providing 3 - 20, then the subtractivity to get -17. I suspect that -17 is the answer that's more prevalent, although some might drop the negative authorize and also report the even-more-wrong 17.

They are gaining 17 by doing it like this. They add 18 and 2 obtaining 20. Then, subtracting 20 from 3 leading to -17, which I am assuming is what you supposed. Which is incorrect. edit: words

The answer is -13.

This question is basically asking "do you understand also order of operations." The initially wrong method of doing this question would be to overlook order of operations and also simply job-related it left to best, offering 3-3x6+2 = 0x6+2 = 0+2 = 2. This is wrong.

The second wrong means of doing this is to take the popular PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, department, addition, subtraction) as literally that order, so they perform multiplication, then enhancement, then subtractivity, giving 3-3x6+2 = 3-18+2 = 3-20 = -17. This is additionally wrong.

The correct means to carry out this is to note that in PEMDAS multiplication and department are the same priority as each various other, as are enhancement and also subtractivity. When you have multiple operators through the exact same priority you percreate them left to ideal, so 3-3x6+2 = 3-18+2 = -15+2 = -13. This is correct.

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There are other more random mistakes that could be made, but those are the many common.

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