It's -13. X and / take priority over + and also -, for this reason you could write it as 3-(3x6)+2, which is 3-18+2, therefore -13. Wolframalpha confirms the too

Also, left->right is done rather of right->left. ~ multiplication is done, you space left with 3-18+2, if girlfriend did that right->left friend would have actually 3-20, whereas left->right provides us (-15)+2, which is correct.

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I've viewed some human being on Facebook case the prize is 17. Just how are they obtaining that? I have the right to understand the answer being -13, 0, or 2.

The world on Facebook space wrong and also don't understand order of operations. -13 is the only correct answer.

They're performing PEMDAS in strictly the order (i.e. Enhancement before subtraction) instead of (P) (E) (MD) (AS) together it must be, where addition and subtraction take place left-to-right in the exact same phase.

So they first perform the multiplication, providing 3 - 18 + 2, then they execute the addition, providing 3 - 20, climate the subtraction to gain -17. I doubt that -17 is the price that's an ext common, although some could drop the an adverse sign and also report the even-more-wrong 17.

They are obtaining 17 by act it prefer this. They add 18 and also 2 getting 20. Then, individually 20 indigenous 3 bring about -17, which i am presume is what girlfriend meant. I beg your pardon is incorrect. Edit: words

The answer is -13.

This question is basically asking "do you understand order the operations." The first wrong way of doing this inquiry would be to ignore order of operations and also just occupational it left come right, offering 3-3x6+2 = 0x6+2 = 0+2 = 2. This is wrong.

The 2nd wrong method of act this is to take it the famous PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) as literally that order, so they do multiplication, climate addition, climate subtraction, giving 3-3x6+2 = 3-18+2 = 3-20 = -17. This is also wrong.

The correct way to carry out this is to note that in PEMDAS multiplication and division are the very same priority together each other, together are enhancement and subtraction. As soon as you have multiple operators through the very same priority you perform them left come right, for this reason 3-3x6+2 = 3-18+2 = -15+2 = -13. This is correct.

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There room other much more random failure that could be made, however those are the most common.

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